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Member Story: Nando's, more than just great chicken!

This Month at Hub Sydney we welcome a new team to the community, Nandos Grocery. I reached out to Conley Browne to get better sense of why the big move to coworking by the brand name and whats next on their business horizon. Nandos has already made a fantastic impact on Hub Sydney, highlighting the generosity of our members raising over $700 towards Goodbye Malariaat our charity mixed bag lunch with food provided by Nandos.
What attracted Nandos to coworking?
With us being a small team, co-working gives us the opportunity to work in a lively environment. We viewed a number of different locations for our office move, but The Hub was the only one that we all loved! The Hub also offers the chance to work closely with other businesses, giving rise to networking opportunities our previous offices could not give.
Who/what is Nandos and why is it different to any other fast food chain?
The great thing about Nandos is that were not a fast food chain. Our restaurants, which are styled in unique African art, give our customers a casual dining experience they wont experience in other restaurants. This is in no small part is due to our PERi-PERi sauces and bastings. Our grocery team gives everyone the opportunity to take that PERi-PERi experience home with them, with our range of sauces, marinades and Perinaise, to name but a few.
What is something interesting about Nando’s that most people would be surprised to find out?
Our PERi-PERi sauces come from our special ingredient the African Birds Eye Chilli. We are so passionate about PERi-PERi, that we are the worlds biggest consumer of Birds Eye Chilli. We are therefore striving to source all our chillies in an ethical and sustainable manner.
What is on the horizon for Nandos in the next 6 months, business wise?
Weve already moved outside of our sauce and marinade range, with the launch of PERi-PERi Grooves. Well soon have PERi-PERi Hummus Dip in the supermarket too! Youll just have to keep a watchful eye on us, as youll never know what well release next!
Tell us about Goodbye Malaria and where does the passion to help come from?
Goodbye Malaria is an initiative started by African entrepreneurs who believe that African creativity can solve one of Africas biggest problems. Goodbye Malaria is an initiative that Nandos supports through awareness and fundraising. All funds raised go directly to support on-the-ground malaria elimination programs, by spraying houses to protect families from contracting malaria in Mozambique. The relationship between Nandos seems only natural due to our special bond with the African Birds Eye Chilli and the African people.
Where can people lend support to Goodbye Malaria?
You can visit the Goodbye Malaria website and visit the site shop. All funds raised from merchandise sold go directly towards Goodbye Malaria. If you want to save some money on postage (maybe put those funds to better use :)), then email for more information.
Could you share a few Nandos great food tips?
Food without Nandos PERi-PERi sauce = Bad
Food with Nandos PERi-PERi sauce = Fantastic!