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Audio Boom Helping Businesses Engage Audiences Through Audio

Blair Hughes, a Melbourne Hubber, is the brain behind audioBoom- a successful startup company located in Melbourne. We recently caught up with Blair to learn more about his startup.

Blair proudly gave us a brief about the company:

“audioBoom is the home of spoken word audio on the web. We work with the biggest names in sport, politics, entertainment, education and media across the globe who all use our free platform to engage with their fans and followers through audio.

He further said that their content partners include Fairfax, Cumulus, Sky Sports, AFL, Premier League, A-League, BBC and many others including Russell Brand who even had a highly successful podcast on their audio platform.

“audioBoom allows content partners big and small to record, upload and share their audio while at the same time monetising their content. “

Blair also added that audioBoom’s goal is to continue to showcase and support audio content producers with free platform.

“Our goals as a company in Australia and NZ (which is where our team looks after) are to continue to showcase and support audio content producers with our free platform, provide the best customer service possible and deliver an exceptional product in our app and platform. We’re an inclusive, forward thinking and creative outlet looking to connect with likeminded businesses who want to engage their fans and audiences with quality audio content plus make them money!”

When asked about their current project, he said that they are currently working on a partnership with a bank.

“Currently our Australian office of Alana and myself are working on some content partnerships with a bank who are using our platform to help their vision impaired customers with accessibility.

We have the AFL finals approaching and as many of the teams use us we’ll be busy with that. We are constantly working with big and small podcasters, teams, teachers and a host of others who love audio and who are wanting to get their voice out to their fans.

We also have some exciting things coming with a major festival, the Rugby World Cup and a global airline which will keep us busy.

Indeed this is a very busy season for Blair and audioBoom so we appreciate the time he has given us to complete this interview.

Continuing on with our questions, we asked this great man about his recent wins and Blair shared that they recently helped win an award with the Australian Open for digital content (read more here).

 Blair also added that Melbourne City FC have recently started using the company in the A-League.

 “The Netball World Cup enjoyed massive success thanks to using audioBoom to showcase the sounds from the court.”

“West Ham United in the English Premier League have also just signed up as well.

Indeed those are great wins for Blair and audioBoom!

[Tweet “Make mistakes and learn from them. Bounce back and come back fighting stronger and smarter. – Blair Hughes”]

As part of our interview, we also asked him if there’s someone he wants to be connected with next, or if he knows of someone who could help his business or project grow. Blair said that they’d love to hear from anyone who’s looking for ways to effectively engage their audience through audio.

“We’d love to hear from anyone out there who wants to have a podcast, already has one or any people who just want to engage their audiences more effectively through audio. We’re 100% free so come and have a chat with us about how you can set up a channel, make a podcast, share on social media and monetise your content. We’re here and happy to see anyone who loves audio and fan engagement!”

When asked what he found most valuable working out of Hub Blair shared his love for the community.

 “Everyone is just so creative, helpful, inspiring and fun to be around here. The staff are happy, positive and enthusiastic people who do all they can to help us which is great to see. HUB Melbourne has the best staff and working environment in Melbourne and the Thursday lunches are delicious!”

Of course we wouldn’t let our talk end without a few personal questions which Blair gamely answers with all his enthusiasm.

We asked him what he’ll do to pass the time if he has 30 minutes of it free so he listed 3 of his favorite activities.

  1. Swim
  2. Box
  3. Kayak

I’m a massive fitness fan and have shed 35kgs in the past 18 months from boxing but I also love swimming and my kayak even if I’ve had to leave it behind in Brissy for the time being. Both boxing and swimming gives me the time to relax and think about my goals and plans and where I’m heading in my life.

 We gave him a hypothetical question of what event he would want to witness in the past, present or future, this is what he said –

“I’m a massive fan of hip hop (old school beats not this lame stuff in 2015!) and would love to be able to go back in time and hang out at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx in NYC at one of Kool Herc’s early hip hop jam block parties. This spot has been recognized as the birthplace of hip hop so I’d love to have been there in the late 70’s with a massive boom box and eating slices of pie and listening to these rhymes.”

When asked what he’ll be doing and with who, if he had all the money, time and resources in the world, Blair’s answers are quite interesting.

 “I’d probably set up an educational centre for kids teaching real world skills. I was a teacher in Australia and the UK for over 8 years and loved doing that so while I may go back to it at some point I’d drop everything and do that if I had unlimited time and money to give back and get back into teaching. Mind you, I’m sick of parent teacher nights and marking assessments so they can get lost!”

Of course we also probed into his playlist and learned that he is a big fan of bands like Crowded House and Something For Kate.

 I’m a massive music nut having worked in the music industry as an artist manager and record label boss. I’ve been to 1000+ gigs, own way too many records and merchandise but my favourite bands include Crowded House, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Creedence and Something For Kate and without fail my most played song would have to be ‘Run Through The Jungle’ by Creedence as it’s a great road trip tune.”

When asked of what he learned in the last week he surprised us with his answer!

How to rob a bank!”

 That got us curious so we probed deeper…

“I listened to an amazing podcast about how the best time to rob a bank was a Friday arvo as most people are knocking off early, less security are on and many how people have already mentally left the office! The podcast was about how an architect made his students design the best bank robbery and was inspired by my favourite film ‘Inside Man’ directed by Spike Lee who I was randomly lucky enough to meet on a flight to LA once. Long story on both of these so please if you feel like a chat and dig his films or want to rob a bank please hit me up….Ok not about the latter but yeah!”

This is indeed an interesting discovery!

Before we wrapped up the interview, we asked Blair of his biggest life and business lesson so far and this is what he shared.

“My biggest lesson in business and life would be to be resilient and always be a lifelong learner. Make mistakes and learn from them. Bounce back and come back fighting stronger and smarter.

 In 2013 for example I made a major sporting team in London give me a job when I was going through a career reinvention. It was tough, rewarding and fun but there were many ups and downs in order to achieve that but I look back on that and know that I got there through setting goals, being positive and taking risks. I’ve had many deals go sour and then come back and many massive deals in my time working in education, sports, music and digital where things have been tough but the key is to be positive, enthusiastic and always be searching for new goals to achieve.”

Way to go Blair!

Visit if you want to learn more about the company and what great things it can do to your business and future ventures.

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