About Hub Australia

Hub Australia believes the world is not lacking in great ideas, but it is lacking the collaborative and supportive structures to help make them happen. That’s where they come in. Hub Australia is a national network of coworking spaces and learning communities driving innovation through collaboration. Its diverse professional community of over 1000 entrepreneurs, creatives and growing businesses working and connecting in its spaces across Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, has made Hub home for thought leaders and innovators to connect across business, lifestyle, social and environmental impact in Australia.

Hub Australia first came across B Corporation when we saw that our first investor, Small Giants had become Australia’s first certified B Corp. Because of our immense respect for Small Giants, we knew this must be something with a lot of integrity. And when it became clear that this is an effective way to measure environmental, social and financial metrics, we knew we had to be a part of this amazing movement and emerging ecosystem to help take care of human beings and our planet.

The Change We Seek®

Hub Australia seeks to change the world by being part of the new sharing economy. Hub Australia supports innovation through collaboration, supporting entrepreneurs and other change makers. Through Hub Australia’s example of being a B Corporation, Hub has been able to positively influence other small businesses in the Hub network to also become B Corporation certified. Part of Hub’s mission is to expand this sphere of influence to bring more small businesses into the B Corporation ecosystem through example and education and support.

Become a B Corp

Complete the B Impact Assessment and earn a reviewed minimum score of 80 out of 200 points.