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Hub Australia offers premium coworking spaces across Australia, giving businesses of all sizes access to state-of-the-art amenities, a national and global business community, and a centrally located flexible workspace.
Our Workspaces
Hub Australia offers premium coworking spaces across Australia, giving businesses of all sizes access to state-of-the-art amenities, a national and global business community, and a centrally located flexible workspace.
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How to Find Work/Life Balance

As a result of technology (we’re looking at you, ‘smart’ phone), we’re now accessible 24/7.

In the entrepreneurial world, stress, overworking, and burnout have become so commonplace that people have begun viewing it as a source of pride.

Working long hours, responding to emails all day and night, feeling stressed, and sacrificing any personal life and activities is often considered signs of someone so passionate they must be destined to succeed.

In reality, they’ve lost their work/life balance
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In small doses, stress can be a helpful motivator. Long-term and consistent stress isn’t a prize though – it’s dangerous to mental and physical health.

Putting aside extreme cases of burn out, common physical side effects of stress include fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure and digestion issues.

It can also destroy our immunity, make us emotional (particularly when coupled with fatigue), interrupt decision-making abilities, and create anxiety and other serious mental health issues.

Even if you’re only mildly feeling the effects of stress, it’s preventing you from working to your full potential – not the perfect position for you to grow a company.

How can a coworking space help you get a work/life balance and decrease stress?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners choose a coworking space for a myriad of reasons – it opens you up to great connections, resources and tools for your business.

But what can coworking do to help you focus on your work/life balance?

Breathe and stretch your mind and body.

Activities such as yoga, meditation and exercise spaces exist in the majority of coworking spaces that recognize stress and burnout as serious issues. Take advantage of these classes throughout your workday to help focus the mind and decrease anxiety.

Take 10

Many coworking spaces acknowledge that you can’t work at 100% all of the time – locations like Hub Australia provide beautiful rest spaces for their members to take a moment to themselves, meditate, or simply have a mini nap to recharge.

Making use of this resource helps you reset and get your mind back on the job.

Choose effective work hours.

The problem of being able to work 24/7 is also a potential solution.

Keep track of when you’re most productive, and make those your working hours. By working smarter and when it suits your work style, you might even be able to reduce the amount of time you spend working.

Switch off

Block the flow of updates to your smartphone outside of your chosen working hours. These updates can distract you from your relaxation and downtime, and impact your existing relationships.

Consider turning off your notifications from certain apps that aren’t used for anything other than work – most of the time when you’re dedicated to work you will likely be at a computer, so it’s not necessary for your phone to buzz every two minutes as well.

Bring your work/life balance to the office

A coworking space means you can work alongside a large community of motivated entrepreneurs and workers, and allows you to keep up human interaction.

Introduce yourself to your new coworkers, have a chat over some tea or make an introduction at Wine Down – having people to chat to will help you feel less lonely, and motivate you to take a rest regularly so you can keep up your relationships.

Have a meeting somewhere less formal

If you’ve got a meeting booked in with someone in your team, evaluate whether you really need to sit in a meeting room or if you can use the time to have a walking meeting or have your conversation over a coffee.

In a coworking space like Hub Australia you don’t need to wander through the streets – Hub provides in-house cafés for member use.  

Changing the spaces you work in throughout the day will help keep your mind clear.

Change your work style

Many coworking spaces allow you to choose from standing or sitting desks, as well as many other alternate working positions and break out spaces.

You may find that you’re able to change your mindset by working from somewhere different in the space, and this can help you have great new ideas.

Talk about it

Stress often comes from the unknown, so if you’re facing a task that has you unsure, or you feel you don’t have the necessary skills, talk to your friends and other people who may have faced the same challenges.

It’s always okay to ask for help.

Take a break

Sometimes the hardest part of self-directed working is telling yourself it’s okay to take breaks.

Try setting yourself a reminder or using the pomodoro technique, and make sure to get up from your desk and stretch your legs.

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With regular networking, professional and personal development events, and a host of amenities, Hub Australia is committed to helping our members not only grow their business but also focus on their professional and personal wellbeing to prioritise work/life balance.

To join our great global community, contact us.

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