New Clients, Collaboration, and Values with United Yeah

United Yeah joined Hub Hyde Park over a year ago, making the leap to a flexible office space aligned with their own values of community and collaboration.

We spoke to founder Dan Godkin about the team’s experience with finding new clients through Hub, collaboration and more.

Would you say collaboration is one of United Yeah’s core values?

We’re very much about mutual success. As a collaborative agency, we strive for high-fives over pats on the back, so collaboration is key to what we’re about. It flows into our culture of keeping things real and being human.

How do you normally meet new clients and acquire new business?

It all comes down to relationships – 99% of United Yeah’s opportunities come from reputation and word of mouth. We’ve marketed the agency very little, but when we have, PR is our preferred method.

How did you begin working with fellow members SleepFit?

Our Community Lead at Hub Hyde Park spoke to another member, Sleepfit, who was looking to update and transform their brand – which is our sweet spot!

We met with them in Hub Hyde Park and started by crafting their brand story, creating a strategy, and then refreshing their brand identity. 

How did you find collaborating with another member?

Our collaboration with SleepFit is the first time we’ve had an opportunity to have a client in the same place as us, so it’s a little bit different but in principle, the same methodology, internal or external. 

Being in the same space provided a fast, rapid ability to collaborate every day. It wasn’t necessarily a fundamental change, it just meant that there was no travel time or excessive logistics between us. 

We can book a meeting room to talk or have quick conversations over a coffee – all up it has allowed things to be more transparent and fast-moving. 

Working with other members of Hub helped both of our teams – there was more face-to-face conversation as opposed to just emails and phone calls. Face-to-face definitely helps you pick up body language and solve solutions then and there. 

I wouldn’t say that methodology differed, but the process and outcomes of how it was achieved were definitely better for being under the same roof.

Do you like working with clients that share the same values as you?

At United Yeah, we definitely want to work with brands that are aligned and have a purpose to do good. That could be good for people, or it could be good for the planet. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not-for-profit or charity work. 

We do a lot of commercial work, but we’re aligning ourselves with brands that are producing products that help people or are not destructive for the planet. P

art of it is also helping charities in need – we really want to align ourselves with brands that are about the purpose of doing good. 

United Yeah is definitely about helping those brands find out what makes them different and meaningful to people, and crafting that into something easy-to-understand and actionable across their entire business and brand identity.

We position ourselves as a collaborative creative partner – a voice to guide experiences and communications to achieve a desired future state for a business through their brand.

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