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Making taxes work for your Business

Thursday, 29th August, 12.30pm-1.30pm, Hub Collins Street

Taxes are not all bad … seriously! But only with the right planning. This workshop will help you understand tax-effective decisions for your business, including how to pay yourself, planning for dividends and a few key tax tools such as the instant asset write off.

We’ll also run through the R&D tax incentive. We work with many startups to claim up to 43.5% cash back on their research but this tax incentive is not just for software startups. It can apply to any business doing technical research so you should be aware of it too.

Finally, if you’re an early stage business looking to raise investment, we’ll run through what it means to be an ESIC (early stage innovation company) and the tax breaks investors can get as a result (therefore making your business more appealing).

Participants will receive slides and a tax and dividend calculator.

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Excel Bootcamp (5 Hour Workshop)

Saturday, 31st August, Hub Collins Street, 10am – 3pm

Excel remains a tool of choice for many businesses, often to take data from different systems to put together regular reports. This workshop will take you through worked examples of how to manipulate raw data so that you can analyse and present it easily and effectively.

Specifically, we’ll cover text functions, IF THEN ELSE logic, Pivot tables, SUMIFS and VLOOKUP. We’ll also put together some graphs for simple data visualisation, and show you how to use conditional formatting to highlight key information.

It’s a long 5 hour day (that’s why we call it a bootcamp), but by learning how to use the power of Excel functions (and with tips and tricks throughout) you’ll be able to produce timely and accurate reports more efficiently than ever before. And yes, we’ll touch on Google Sheets too.

Participants will receive an ‘Excel for dummies’ style slide deck and will use and takeaway an Excel spreadsheet to run through worked examples.

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Managing Your Small Business Finances 101

Thursday 5 September, 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Hub Southern Cross

With everything else going on in your business, it can be hard to also stay across your finances.

But running out of cash is even worse so using a simple ‘Money Mondays’ or ‘Finance Fridays’ approach will keep you in control. We’ll cover what to keep an eye on weekly, monthly and quarterly. And, we’ll show you how to manage your day-to-day with the help of Xero while also looking ahead by using Spotlight Reporting.

Participants will receive slides (plus a Xero offer to get you started).

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Startup Funding Workshop

Thursday 5 September, 5.30pm – 7pm

Startup funding is a cash hustle requiring you to access different types of funding at different stages, to support your growth.

This workshop will run through the key funding sources that startups use to survive and grow. We’ll bring in experts to talk about each funding source, including grants, the R&D tax incentive, R&D lending, equity crowdfunding and of course, venture capital. And then open up for Q&A from us all.

Participants will receive slides and a copy of the Startup Founders Guide to Startup Funding.

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