How FMClarity is Simplifying Commercial Property Management

Hub Collins Street member FMClarity provides a next-generation way for organisations to fulfil their property and facility management functions from headquarters based in Hub Collins Street’s exclusive Georges Lane.

Founder Richard Ham, with a 15-year career in commercial property management, shares the company’s journey, their experiences of coworking, and how they’ve dramatically simplified commercial property management processes.

What does FMClarity provide?

Many organisations find it difficult to take on a system to manage their property portfolios, either as occupier or manager, as the systems available are very complex and based on a hands-on maintenance mindset, which is quite outdated.  

FMClarity provides a streamlined way for organisations to manage their property portfolios.

Through extensive industry experience, we’ve reimagined facilities management (FM) software and developed the platform from the ground up with very intuitive and streamlined workflows, taking design cues from the consumer world whilst integrating best-practice risk and compliance guidelines and processes, thereby minimising organisation risk.

This allows organisations to rapidly implement a unified professional approach that can be used by everyone in the commercial property management organisation. It develops a quick path to compliance and risk minimisation across their whole portfolio.

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What type of client can use FMClarity?

FMClarity may be used in a wide range of organisations; however, we find that occupiers,  such as commercial offices, aged care owner-occupiers, universities – those organisations that have portfolios with in-house facilities teams to manage their property portfolio are likely to derive the most benefit from our platform.

In addition, we find that Integrated Service Providers, those organisations that manage property portfolios on behalf of occupiers, love the intuitive layout of FMClarity, where everything is in one place, and that their clients can easily interact in real time on the same data.

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How does FMClarity work?

We provide an intuitive platform for the whole property ecosystem.

We understand that organisations require multiple stakeholders to interact on a platform but they all have different requirements and ability levels.

FMClarity reflects these requirements right out of the box and enables real-time collaboration spanning multiple organisations and roles, all on the same data to have different requirements addressed.

commercial property management

Historically, FM has been more of a siloed application within businesses; the systems would spit out PDF’s, work orders, or forms for other stakeholders to engage with.

After that, each has its own application or uses Excel and email to interact with other organisations.

FM Clarity understands that  all sides of the ecosystem need to interact and collaborate in real time on the same data and share information so that everything moves much more smoothly and efficiently

It’s similar to using Google Docs – you have real-time collaboration, can see people interacting and chat with them through the document.

We bring that style of interaction to the property space, so it’s very easy to pick up – and intuitive to use.

Behind the scenes, we piece together the information, match it against compliance requirements, automatically file documents, and more.

We have a whole load of business processes built into the application so that organisations can get up and running quickly with minimal training.

One client said it’s like facility management for dummies but in a good way.

In the FM industry, especially commercial property management, there is a wide variety of roles and skill sets. Some people will come from a business background, others from trade or admin.

It’s important to be able to provide the right tools to the various stakeholders so that they can understand quickly what it is they need to do, and to make the software feel familiar, like the consumer apps they use every day. This way they will actually enjoy what they do.

This is what we aim to do, make it more enjoyable for the end user whilst providing best-of-breed functionality.

What brought you to coworking versus a more traditional lease?

Definitely the flexibility.

I come from commercial property management, so I could have secured a lease quickly and cheaply from a number of my colleagues however the attraction of a coworking space provided better opportunities.

If you look at it from a cost standpoint, and add up the costs – all the costs involved in taking on space with the amenities that a coworking space has: boardrooms, kitchen, lounge facilities, activity-based working style facilities as well as fit-out and outgoings – then a lease will far exceed that of a coworking space.

If you take on a commercial lease and include all those aspects, your costs will exceed what you pay for in a coworking space.

The other element is flexibility and being able to expand – we need to be able to take on more space at short notice.

Thirdly, Hub provides a fantastic vibe to get involved with.

You’re in amongst a whole lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses who are keen to succeed, and you don’t get that if you’re taking on a commercial lease. There definitely isn’t the collaboration in a leasehold that you get in a coworking space.

When we found out that there were offices available with Hub on Georges Lane, I jumped at the opportunity as its quite a unique space, ground floor with signage opportunities and walk-through traffic, as well as still being able to access everything Hub offers.

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