How A Drummer And A Cyclist Are Plotting Global Domination Through Data Warehousing

Servian, the leading data consultancy in Australia, is undeniably one of the most successful companies today. From its humble beginning in 2008, Servian steadily rose to having 150 full time employees with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Bangalore and now studio 10 at Hub Adelaide.

We recently touched base with Harvey Marcus, Servian South Australia and Government Sales Director and Robert Scriva, Servian Lead Consultant, to learn more about who they are and what Servian is all about.

Originally from Manchester UK, Harvey relocated to Adelaide in 2003 from Sydney when he was promoted as the Optus S.A. General Manager. Subsequently Harvey worked for global private and public companies in software and mobility products, and established his own business mentoring and coaching entity.

Harvey recently joined Servian as S.A. and Government Sales Director to sustainably establish and grow a high quality IT services business. In his downtime Harvey also plays drums in an Adelaide rock band!

Robert Scriva is a Servian veteran and a highly qualified consultant to lead the S.A. practice. Moving home to Adelaide where he grew up to establish and grow the business including recruiting high calibre consultants locally, adding to the depth of Servian’s expertise pool to deliver excellence in IT programmes to S.A. business and government entities. Rob is a keen cyclist and all round sports enthusiast with a young family adding to the S.A. expat return community!

When asked what Servian focuses on Harvey shared:

“Servian specialise in all forms of data, from data warehousing & business intelligence through to real time analytics, campaigning and big data. We believe in putting your data to work and have a burgeoning practice in the digital space that is focused on rapid development and experimentation.”

When asked who they generally work with, the two said that although they are technology neutral, they have significant partnerships with the major vendors in this space such as Google, SAS, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Informatica as well as smaller more recent players like Tableau, Cloudera and MapR.

“Our customers are typically blue chip predominantly from Banking & Insurance, Telecommunications, Airlines, Retail, Construction and Media (including News Ltd  in S.A).”

As a consultant led business the company believes in the difference that quality goal driven generalists bring to a business rather than the traditional IT hire.

“A typical consultant for us is a true technologist – an experienced high calibre professional that stays current with his skills, plays multiple roles throughout a project and is outcome focused.”

When asked what’s next for Servian the two playfully chirped Global domination! Of course it is a harmless joke. They said they wanted to continue a sustainable growth path through Australia and New Zealand, with Adelaide and Auckland the focus of significant ambition.

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