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How Collar are crafting the ultimate recruitment experience

We sat down with the team at Collar who shared their insights into the recruitment industry, their unique approach to candidate-client relationships, and how they are differentiating themselves from traditional agencies.

Recruitment is an ever-evolving field, and staying at the forefront of innovation is essential to ensuring success in this competitive landscape. We had the opportunity to sit down with the experts at Collar, a dynamic recruitment company that has made its mark within just two years of inception. Peter Dais, Daniel Italia, and Emma Pinyon shared their insights into the recruitment industry, their unique approach to candidate-client relationships, and how Collar is setting themselves apart from traditional recruitment agencies.


Peter Dais, who boasts 19 years of experience in recruitment, brings a passion for mentorship and progression to his role of Director of Victoria at Collar. “I’m passionate about personal development. Ensuring everyone working at Collar progresses quickly within their respective career goes hand in hand with empowering our staff and inadvertently providing an unparalleled service for our clients. I have a strong emphasis on mentoring our staff to become future leaders in recruitment and in life. he emphasises. 

With over a decade in the real estate and property recruiting realm, Daniel Italia‘s experience offers a unique perspective. Having worked with various recruitment companies, Daniel understands the importance of finding the right candidate for clients, which he applies every day in his role as Associate Director.

A pivotal moment in Emma Pinyon‘s career came when she joined Collar as the company’s first hire, answering the call from CEO and Founder Ephram, a past collaborator. Over the course of two years, Emma has proudly led Collar’s national branding and marketing efforts as their Brand and Marketing Director.

Crafting the ultimate experience

Collar’s dedication to providing exceptional service goes beyond standard practices. They invest in top-tier technology to source high-quality candidates, and their commitment is evident in their round-the-clock availability. Collar’s tech-savviness extends to events like Talent X, where they keep up with the latest industry advancements, ensuring that their strategies are always at the forefront.

Navigating market changes

The impact of COVID-19 on the job market cannot be understated. Daniel shares that many candidates now seek flexibility in work arrangements, and companies are adjusting accordingly. Some businesses are embracing remote work, while others require navigating the challenges of recruiting for roles that lack flexibility. Peter mentions that salary negotiations have also evolved, as candidates now realise their worth and are more willing to discuss pay rises with their employers. “In the post-COVID world, younger generations like Gen Z have realised they don’t have to conform to the traditional rat race. They’re seeking a better work-life balance, fairer pay, and more freedom in their careers. It’s a shift in mindset, and it’s important for older generations and clients to understand and adapt to this change.” Emma states.

Shaping client perceptions

The Collar team addresses common misconceptions clients might hold about working with recruiters. While some perceive recruiters in a negative light, akin to car salespeople, Collar focuses on building strong client-candidate relationships based on trust, honesty, and delivering results. Their commitment to recruiting the right way, aligned with the company’s motto, ensures client satisfaction and lasting partnerships.



Diverse specialisations

Collar’s expertise spans various industries, including accounts, finance, sales, marketing, IT, construction, facilities management, and includes executive search across the corporate sector. They’ve cultivated over 450 years of recruitment experience within the company, emphasising both specialisation and a collaborative, generalist approach. Their success in specialised fields like mining, real estate, aged care, and medical recruitment demonstrates their adaptability.

Innovative services beyond recruitment

Collar’s innovation isn’t confined to traditional recruitment practices. They’ve expanded their offerings to include a three-stage service model, meeting clients at different points in their recruitment needs. Beyond recruitment, they provide group training organisation services, apprenticeships, and traineeships, contributing to the professional growth of individuals across diverse industries.

Culture and innovation define Collar

Collar’s standout factor lies in their innovative, entrepreneurial spirit. They’re unafraid to explore new ideas and adopt creative strategies, fostering a culture that encourages continuous learning and growth. The company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing change resonates with both clients and candidates, resulting in a collaborative and forward-thinking atmosphere. Peter emphasises this by saying “At Collar, we’re not afraid to be innovative. If someone has an idea, there’s no red tape, we’re willing to try it. Our CEO leads the way by taking that leap, inspiring others in the company to embrace experimentation. Sometimes it might not always work, but that willingness to take risks sets us apart.”


Fostering loyalty

Fostering candidate loyalty is a top priority for Collar. They understand that keeping candidates engaged and committed for the long term is essential. And they proudly practise what they preach. By doing so, they not only attract exceptional talent but also help their clients implement similar strategies. It’s about going the extra mile, whether it’s finishing early every Friday, or unique loyalty leave programs; Collar are committed to fostering loyalty among their staff and encouraging clients to do the same. These benefits also support Collar’s talent recruitment, but when it comes to joining their team, cultural fit is critical. Emma highlights this by saying “At Collar, we hire not only for experience but also for culture fit. It’s about creating a consistent atmosphere of drive, enthusiasm, and fun across all our offices. When everyone’s on the same page and working together, the results are truly remarkable. It’s been an incredible journey to witness our growth over the past two years, from our humble beginnings to where we are now, even in our newest office in Melbourne.” 

Navigating recruitment dynamics

In the realm of recruitment, there’s a fascinating interplay between client expectations and candidate potential. Clients often come in with specific criteria, like desiring a property manager with several years of experience. However, what Collar has come to realise is that the true essence of a standout candidate extends beyond just years on a resume. Sometimes, a candidate with a shorter tenure but possessing the right motivation and skill set can shine brighter. It’s not solely about the years; it’s about finding the perfect fit for both sides of the equation. Daniel backs this up by saying “It’s not just about the experience. Sometimes, you can present someone with five years, but they have the right motivation and skill set to do that job. It’s all about finding the best candidate for that client. I honestly believe that 50% of most jobs are built on attitude and drive.” Collar’s role as agents is to encourage openness, urging clients to take a closer look at candidates who may not fit the initial mould but possess undeniable capabilities. It’s about cultural fit, business acumen, and a dash of attitude. As skills can be honed, but that inner fire is often what truly sets candidates apart.


In just two years, Collar has evolved into a leading force in the recruitment industry. With a blend of experience, innovation, and a commitment to fostering lasting relationships, they’ve shattered traditional recruitment stereotypes and their emphasis on culture, technological advancement, and a personalised approach sets them apart from the crowd. Collar is also committed to educating their clients about the shifting landscape of work, where factors like flexibility, work-life balance, and trust are becoming increasingly important. Generational shifts in the workforce need to be recognised, and Collar’s forward-thinking approach makes them a standout recruitment agency in a rapidly changing industry.

“It’s crucial that we establish strong partnerships with clients, especially given our relatively new presence in different areas. We prioritise aligning our values and culture with theirs to ensure a harmonious relationship. Clients should recognise that the focus is no longer solely on showcasing their greatness; it’s about telling candidates what opportunities they can expect and embarking on a shared journey. When clients are more traditional in their approach it becomes an opportunity to educate them about the additional benefits that can attract top candidates. Recent surveys show that pay, while important, is only part of the equation; flexibility and work-life balance are equally significant.” Daniel reiterates. 

We’re proud to support Collar with a workspace experience that encourages innovation and collaboration at Hub Church Street Richmond. Collar set up their 5-person office in 2022 and has quickly grown their Melbourne operation to 14 staff. Feel free to get in touch with Collar for your recruitment needs and us at Hub to tour Hub Church Street Richmond or any Hub location.

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