Hub Adelaide Spark Program & Coleman Collection Watches

Todd Hamam is the founder of Coleman Collection, a creator of luxury watches at affordable prices. He was one of the Summer 2018 Spark participants, has successfully completed the 8-week New Venture Dorm program he received through Spark, and is continuing his 12-month membership at Hub Adelaide.

We spoke to Todd about his experience with the Spark program, Hub Adelaide, and his time in the Flinders University New Venture Institute 8-week course, supported by Renewal SA.

How have you enjoyed your time in the Spark program so far?

It’s been fantastic – I love coming into the space at Hub Adelaide, and the team are awesome and try to help us in any way they can. The events and networking offered to every member are great – we have nothing but good things to say about it!

How did you find the Flinders New Venture Institute program?

Being part of the NVI program was really informative – it’s an innovative program with lots of foundational information to help us get our products market-ready, and help us with our pitching and sales knowledge to practice how we market our products.

What’s one of your favourite parts about being in the Spark program at Hub Adelaide?

Hub has created a space for us called ‘Spark Corner’ where all of the participants are able to congregate and work together. We trade a lot of IP and knowledge with each other daily, and help keep each other going.

How have your goals progressed since starting the Spark program?

I’m on track to keep reaching my goals – when I came into the program, Coleman Collection’s sales were consistent, but the first release hadn’t been the smash-hit I was hoping for.

Because of the Spark program and especially the NVI course, I’m focused more on creating new designs based on market demand’ so I’m about to release a few more designs now with the hope of scaling it in the future – we’ll see how it goes with that new knowledge guiding it.

What results have you seen since joining Spark?

Sales have certainly increased since I started the Spark Program – having the foundation and connections has helped me set the business up for the future.

I’ve made quite a few connections with the other businesses working in Hub Adelaide as well as the other participants in the Spark program, especially through the networking and Friday afternoon drinks.

It’s also great to access and talk to such a wide variety of people working in different businesses.

How did you first find out about Spark?

I first heard about spark through Facebook and applied with my pitch deck. Participating in the Spark program and joining the community of businesses at Hub Adelaide has been wonderful.

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