Hub Sydney Turns 2

Looking after so many young thriving businesses it’s sometimes easy to forget that Hub Australia is still a young company itself. Founded in Melbourne three years ago, the second of 3 sites just celebrated it’s Birthday on Friday and it’s amazing to see the growth it’s undergone in just a two-year period.

Looking around at the full and thriving office, seeing so many people working hard, it’s almost hard to imagine that just two years ago the warehouse like building was an empty shell with nothing more then a DJ in the corner when the launch party was held and Hub Sydney was opened by City of Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore, on the 4th April 2013.

Now spread across two floors with over 250 members, Hub is one of the largest co-working facilities in Sydney with professionals ranging from freelancers to international companies (and everything in between), it is clear the diversity in the space is what makes the community thrive.

Whether you stop by for a Mixed Bag Lunch on a Thursday or the afternoon drinks on a Friday (appropriately named Wine Down) it is clear that despite the many different backgrounds of people and their companies, the space is full of connected and collaborating individuals. And there are plenty of people singing their praises;

“I’ve also appreciated access to expertise that I otherwise wouldn’t have had available. But most of all, now that I’ve been here a while, I have developed friendships that make my day-to-day all the more fun!”

-Sean Nunan of The School Of Self-Esteem

Hub Sydney also has yoga, meditation and learning events all neatly tied up into a weekly schedule that helps to create an environment where you are not only growing your company but also taking care of yourself and increasing your knowledge.

“Personally I loved being connected with the creative, spiritual and socially conscious entrepreneurs… In the last 2 years I have collaborated with a bunch of folks at Hub, hosted and attended events and made some great friends.”

-Kate Alexander a Yoga Instructor

So what does this all add up to? Hub Sydney is putting the member first, and not just their company needs but also the people.

And that message remains consistent whether you visit Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney itself. With a national team constantly working for the benefit of the community and its individuals it is no surprise that members have been there from day one and aren’t going anywhere. Like Mark Woodrow who picked out his desk the day it opened an joined the party Friday night to celebrate 2 years;

‘My two years at the Hub have been the best two years of my life. It’s a lovely blend of work, play and dynamic thinking rolled into one. The serendipity of the connections is amazing. ‘
-Mark Woodrow

So now to the future, and Hub is planning it’s out in detail. The whole Hub Australia team has just spent 3 days together locked in a room working out there goals and how they’re going to reach them, which sounds a little daunting but is clearly one of the many stepping-stones to success that Hub is doing well.

Looking to the future they will be expanding into more sites and eventually more cities but when you ask what their focus is it remains’ the same: the member’s and their experience. Even those that have just started with The Hub like blogger Sally O’Neil feel the benefits of the environment;

‘It’s a cool thing for people to relax at work and feel camaraderie.’
-Sally O’Neil of The Fit Foodie Blog

So what did they do when they turned two? Threw a party for all their members of course. With plenty of food and drink and DJ’s sourced from their own pool of amazingly talented people. The fun and somewhat theatrical environment of the party suited Hub’s zest for people to a tee. And going forward you know the parties and celebrations will only get better, as it’s a part of the reason the hub is loved, just ask James who’s company is based overseas;

“Thanks to The Hub I have social work friends, a Christmas party and a fun but productive space to work from on a day-by-day basis as well as having meeting room facilities to bring people in. Plus it means even if I’m having a bad work day I don’t get left alone to stew I have community to take care of me. It gives you legitimacy, it’s a conversation starter, but most importantly it’s a hot pot of creativity passion and support.”
– James Northwood of Squerb

Looking to the immediate future they are partnered with VIVID and running free-coworking days in conjunction with their events. They’re also helping to facilitate the Global Coworking Unconference Conference happening on the 4th and 5th of June where coworking spaces alike will gather to discuss and share ideas about what makes coworking great. Find out more HERE.

So whether you’re a freelancer, a small business or even a well-established company, Hub is an environment which it seems will not only support your company but also support you. All you need to bring is a friendly nature and a desire to get your work done.

‘The energy of Hub Sydney has always been my favourite thing about my weekly visits. Seeing members grow their businesses and connect with each other makes my Hub journey all worthwhile. Going forward I can’t wait to work with the Hub community to realise the value of a national Hub Australia network to their businesses’.
-Bradley Krauskopf
CEO and Founder of Hub Australia

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