How Kimble Helps Businesses Use Resources Effectively

Recently emerging into the ANZ market, Kimble has expanded globally with their offering of resource management and data-driven insights.
Located in Hub Collins Street, Hub spoke to ANZ General Manager Steve Litsos about the organisations experiences, value, and what brought them to coworking.

What does Kimble do and what do you offer businesses that you work with?

Kimble is a PSA product: a professional services automation tool. We help service-based organisations run operations and projects more effectively.

Think about a typical consulting organisation – they want to understand and get insights into their resources – how utilised they are and how they could be optimising their projects.

Kimble is a cloud-based SaaS application that effectively allows them to digitise operations. We’re native to the Salesforce platform, and work hand in hand as a connected CRM piece.

We also have connectors out of the box with a lot of finance packages as well – we’re kind of an intermediary optimising the end-to-end solution.

What makes Kimble a great option for businesses?

Kimble has been around since 2011 and has experienced 40-50% year on year growth for the last four years, and we’ve taken investment too.

We only focus on PSA and work to make sure we’re best of breed and filling the niche.

“We’re good at what we do because we know it really, really well.”

As much as we are native to Salesforce, we can connect into other CRM platforms, like Microsoft Dynamics – we are CRM agnostic, and have connectors into various finance systems: MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, Sage Intacct. 

If you’re on the Salesforce platform, you can add Kimble, take on a system like Sage Intacct, and then you have an end-to-end solution – from sales and opportunity management, through to core operational management, and into finance.

What brings businesses to Kimble?

I’ve been in professional services for 20 years, and as an ex-customer, I know the product well.

I’ve seen services organisations use disparate and siloed tools and understand the challenges that services organisations face including managing timesheets, closing periods, delivery budgets/forecasts and identifying the right people and the right skills. 

For me, I’m able to translate that knowledge and identification and really help businesses and showcasing the benefits that Kimble brings having seen it firsthand.

I say, “I get your challenges, I get your pain points. I’ve been in your shoes, but I also know the benefits. This is the type of solutions we can provide.”
It really, really resonates and provides credibility. They go, “Well this guy has done it before.”

Why did you choose Hub Collins Street as your coworking space?

Being on my own in Melbourne, coworking made a lot of sense.

I didn’t need a lot of investment or a lot of space, but I really need a presence, quality address, and a location to work from.

We’ve got customers located all around the city, including on Collins Street, so being located in the centre of Melbourne is perfect for me.

Hub Collins Street makes sense for me not only for the flexibility, but also the culture and fit are a really good alignment for what I need.

Hub Collins Street offers a step up in professionalism – the vibe and the feeling in the space is ideal with lots of light, and I get to work alongside other great businesses.

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