How to Make the Most of Your LinkedIn Network

Social media doesn’t have to be a distraction – with platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, you can turn your social network into a business asset.

Since coming onto the scene in 2003, LinkedIn has become a staple tool for professionals looking for new opportunities and to stay connected with their corporate networks.

You may be one of the people who once created an account while job hunting, only to leave it unattended once the goal has been achieved – LinkedIn is useful for much more than finding a new job though! Here are some of the key steps to take to make the most of your account:

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Set up your profile

LinkedIn has a useful tool that walks you through the essential steps when you’re setting up your basics. Make sure that your profile photo is clearly identifiable as you, so you’re easily recognisable to your future network.

Make sure all your information is up-to-date – nobody wants to see broken hyperlinks and you don’t want to let people think that your most recent role was three years ago if you’re currently working.

Your ‘headline’ is your first opportunity to connect with a wider network – this is the part that will appear near your name wherever you post on the site and is usually used for either your current role and business or to show what opportunities you’re looking for.


Grow your LinkedIn network

Start off by adding a few friends, past colleagues, and anyone else you feel like you should connect with on a professional level. As you grow your network, the site will suggest more connections based on mutual links and areas of interest – it’s worth a regular visit to your ‘recommendations’ tab!

If you work somewhere like a coworking space with other motivated professionals, it may be worth asking people in person if you’re able to connect on LinkedIn for future opportunities.

It’s common manners to send a small note along with your request if you don’t have a current connection with the person, as some people are selective around who they add to their networks.

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Get recommendations and endorsements

Many people you work with or assist will organically give you recommendations and endorsements through LinkedIn, but it never hurts to formally ask if you think it will help you cement your expertise in the field, and prove your skillset through testimonials as well as tangible examples.

Share great content

Once your profile and LinkedIn network is set up, the site begins to resemble most other social media with a scroll-worthy dashboard quickly filling with content.

Keep an eye out for content and news that’s interesting to you – odds are other people will find it exciting and/or clickworthy too! You don’t need to try and be the most prolific poster (there’s always the element of quality over quantity), but regular posting keeps you in the memory of people in your network and lets the algorithms know you’re an active part of the community.


Rather than shouting into the void, make sure you’re using LinkedIn for it’s intended purpose – creating connections.

Comment, like, share – striking up conversations and discussions in the comment section is commonplace and encouraged, and helps you showcase your knowledge as well as learning from your wider community.

Don’t sell

Similarly to door-to-door salespeople or telemarketers, nobody really wants to be aggressively sold to through LinkedIn. You may find yourself being inundated with requests and private messages to buy a product or service – you don’t want to be that person.

Keep your content general, and focus on giving people the tools to click through or interact with your business or product if they choose to do so.

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Write about your experiences

If you’re a confident writer, you may want to showcase this by posting your own LinkedIn article. Similar to a blog, the article should serve to be educational and enlightening, providing a perspective that people will want to read.

Every person has different experiences, especially when it comes to career paths and learnings, and writing your own articles can help you establish yourself as a confident and experienced voice in your industry, potentially opening the door to more opportunities.

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