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Member Story: Stuart and Lena MacRae – Hub Adelaide

Stuart & Lena MacRae are a husband and wife team that are a friendly and enthusiastic presence here at Hub Adelaide.

Tired of working from home, the pair decided to become members of Hub 6 months ago with no regrets. They’ve said it was a wise decision, helping them expand their business and work creatively while feeling part of a wider community.

Stuart and Lena’s business, Seated Massage, provides corporate clients with shoulder massages while they’re seated at their desks. The concept was born out of a desire to share the healing power of touch between companies and their employees, and allow employers a way to provide support in times of high stress.

“Seated Massage is a way for a company to tell their people that they are worthy of care in a non-verbal way – helping employees to feel better about themselves through positive touch.  It’s not just always about the massage itself, it’s about the positive reinforcement behind it.”

Stuart and Lena are most passionate about providing this service to those who are doing “great and beautiful work in the world”.

Alongside Seated Massage, Stuart and Lena are working on other projects, including one they hope to launch in the New Year.  They both feel that being a part of the community at Hub Adelaide has sparked their creativity and aided the development process.  Bouncing ideas off other members, being open to new ideas and receiving different viewpoints has been integral to the clear formation of their vision.
“Idea Hacking” as Stuart likes to call it “has been invaluable” and they both doubt they would have developed their ideas this quickly had they both not been members.

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