Why Mobi2go Wants to be More Than a Vendor

Mobi2go is a white-labeled digital ordering platform for restaurants, cafés, and fast food places.

They work with some of the biggest and best brands in Australia and New Zealand, from Mad Mex to Hudson’s Coffee and everything in between.

We sat down with Ben Jones, Director of Customer Success at Mobi2go, and talked about the organisation’s growth and why the success of their customers is the #1 priority for the business.

Mobi2go fill a niche – the market has shifted, and people expect to be able to order their food online, they don’t want to wait and do their pick up, or pick up the phone and call their pizza shop.

Our solution is integration for their platforms and allows clients to own their brand and their customer’s digital experience while we seamlessly operate within to help them order.

They own their customer’s data, it’s completely branded, it works within their website, and the end-user has no idea they’re using Mobi2go.

What does Mobi2go’s Customer Success Team look like?

Within my Customer Success function I’ve got three distinct groups.

We’ve got Client Onboarding, Customer Support (who fix the bugs and issues), and then Customer Success Managers.

We run a success-based model so if our customers are successful, we’re successful. We take a percentage of sales that go through so that will always mean we ultimately want them to be successful.

We don’t want to be a vendor.

Our whole strategy is to become a trusted partner. So many people say that but the reality is as more of our customers move towards digital experience, we need to be there with them helping to build that experience rather than a transaction.

It’s not just placing an order, it’s how they are also engaging with their customers.

As we build out the platform from a client perspective we need to ask ourselves what are those engagement pieces, how are we proactively reaching out to regular customers who may not have interacted, all those sorts of things which is essentially what the power of our platform is, you can know your customers and build an actual relationship with them.

How do you approach marketing?

Currently, Mobi2go has a marketing team of one, and she started very recently. Similarly to most startups, we haven’t been ready to invest in marketing yet as we’ve been focussing on other areas, but with the Series A funding we’ve been able to start focussing on that

We aren’t growing because we spend millions on amazing SEO and a killer website – a lot of Mobi2go’s growth is word of mouth and client advocacy. It’s amazing we get all these sales leads and inquiries coming to us where they either heard through a partner or through someone else within the industry.

What we find amazing, particularly with larger brands, is that they all know each other.

When they’re talking to our sales team, the first thing they do once they get off the call with our sales team is calling their mate who we already operate with and say “tell us what’s really going on, are they really as good as what they sound”.

That’s how we sell it – you can’t just talk about being great, you have to deliver.

We want all our clients to become advocates – we’re at that delicate start-up stage still and advocacy is what is going to grow our business.

The key to our success isn’t million-dollar marketing budgets and campaigns, it’s word of mouth and advocacy within the industry.

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