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3 Great Ways Productivity Software can Improve Your Business

Hub Adelaide member Rob Gordon describes himself as the “Minister of Productivity Gains” for his company, Outrun Software, specialising in software creation for their clients.

He’s shared some of his top tips for improving your business with productivity software.

Tell us about Outrun Software – why do you do what you do?

We create mobile, tablet and desktop software that delivers significant productivity gains for businesses both very large and small.

Imagine if your team could focus on meaningful and high-value work because your business software was beautifully streamlined, while repetitive and mind-numbing computing work was automated.

We deliver software excellence, but what makes us stand out is our ability to see the bigger picture and implement creative software solutions based on hard-won business knowledge and analysis.

What are common questions business owners ask?

  • How can we save time, reduce our costs and increase our revenues?
  • How much is that going to cost? 

Top 3 tips for productivity software:

Tip #1: Don’t confuse time with money

Your time is finite, so don’t waste it. If there are repetitive jobs in your organisation, banish them, so your staff can work on high-value tasks.

Task #1: audit all spreadsheet operations. Which one takes the most time?

Action #1: Get a VBA programmer to automate the process and repeat.

Tip #2: Systemise your customer relationships

Who are your customers? Can you tell when they last purchased from you? Do you know which 20% bring in 80% of your revenue? Can you SMS them? Can you email them?

Task #2: review your current Customer Relationship Management system (even if it’s an Excel document). Is it delivering you the benefits it should?

Action #2: consider getting/upgrading your CRM.

Tip #3: Spend money on IT. Seriously.

Since 2007, most of our clients have consistently invested in their IT and there’s a solid reason why they choose to continue to spend their hard earned funds in this manner. It makes them money, it saves their time and energy and it makes their lives better.

Action#3: Find an IT partner.

Someone who can help guide your business.  The fact is that IT and the internet are not going away anytime soon, so the quicker you can form a trusting mutually beneficial relationship with an IT professional, the better.

How do you describe Hub Adelaide?

It’s a vibrant space complete with business people who share similar life values. As a small business owner, it provides me with a wonderful office space with top-notch facilities, but most importantly access to connecting with people on both a personal and professional level.

Try it for a month. There’s such a limited risk. I was crazy to work from home for so long.

Want some help to get your software at its best? Contact Rob via Outrun Software’s website.

If you’re looking for a great location to base your business out of in Adelaide, book a tour at Hub Adelaide.

Meet the Member - Rob Gordon, Outrun Software

Hub Adelaide member Rob Gordon describes himself as the “Minister of Productivity Gains” for his amazing company Outrun Software.