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3 Steps to Unlocking Your Potential as a Small Business Owner

When individuals start out on the small business owner journey they often desire to do something different or offer a product or service to make a difference, and they have no shortage of passion.

Over time many discover that the journey is full of challenges and that the biggest roadblock to their success is staring at them in the mirror.

When thoughts of insufficient cash flow and clients come up, or it feels like the business isn’t quite where you envisioned when you started, it’s important to find support to get you through challenging times.

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To gain insight into common challenges a small business owner experiences, and learn practical solutions, we interviewed Hub member Divya Hemnani, Founder and “Brain Trainer” at Intrinsic Brilliance Institute.

Divya’s entrepreneur journey began the day she realised it was fear holding her back from creating the life and business she wanted. Intrinsic Brilliance Institute was created by a deep desire to offer something that she could not find elsewhere.

“Because what I wanted didn’t exist in the world, I had to create it. I reckon that’s where most genius ideas come from. I realised there were so many other people working in this space in an embodied way, and I knew that collaboration is the key for us to make a greater impact on the planet. I wanted to create a playground for us all to work, share, learn and grow together. A social enterprise that shows we walk our talk in every way, and so organisations can see us a one-stop shop for professional development talent that delivers true ROI (return on investment).”

We asked Divya the top 3 roadblocks that limit a small business owner from reaching their true potential:

1. Fear

We have learned to run the other way when our fear comes up, but the only way to transform it into flow is by stepping even more fully into it.

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2. Judgement.

All of our preferences are just judgement, and when we let go of our judgement we liberate ourself by allowing us to access flow in every moment.

3. Attachment to end-gain.

This one is the most challenging for business owners. It’s tied up wit the other two – fear and judgement – and to be perfectly honest, it’s the one I struggle with most myself. But every time I let go of attachment to the end-gain, I notice myself feeling lighter and my small business growing. We asked Divya why being a ‘seminar junkie’ and reading self-help books is not enough for somebody to overcome challenges:

“They only work on the conscious mind and the things that hold us in stuck states are typically beneath the level of consciousness. If we were conscious of them, we would have transformed it already. We have to do both – consciously retrain the brain (books and most seminars) and core personal work (something we do at our 6 Senses Retreat in silence).

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If you are struggling and feel like you’ve got more to offer but aren’t quite following through, Divya recommends the following:

1. Consciously retrain your brain

Have awareness of the structure of your brain so you can use it to work in your favour.

2. Know yourself intimately

Our true knowing doesn’t come from the thinking mind. Never lose sight of the real you. Continue to explore who you are.

3. Commit to living your truth every day

Be the embodiment of what you know. Live according to your values i.e. what’s important to you.

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Divya Hemnani

Hub William Street member Divya Hemnani is the Founder and “Brain Trainer” at Intrinsic Brilliance Institute.