How to Tell Your Business Story Through Social Media

Every business has a story.

Whether you’re just branching out on your own or have an established business, you’ve got hundreds of stories to tell, and it’s important to get your audience involved in the growth and development of your business.

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Social media is used by billions of people every day, and with engagement rates ever growing you could find your next source of customers by telling your business story online.

Choose your platforms

Whether you’re an avid tweeter or an Instagram-obsessor, find which platforms best suit you and your business – you may be keen for a Pinterest account if you’ve got a physical product to sell, or perhaps you know having a LinkedIn page will help you connect with businesses to partner with. If you suspect you’ll get a lot of user-generated content (UGC), Instagram and Facebook are essential.

When establishing your social media presence, it’s best to choose a couple of platforms to focus on filling with quality content, rather than spreading yourself thin over every platform.

Find your inspiration

Look for other business accounts that set a great example of what you want to achieve – keep an eye out for high engagement, beautiful images, and great examples of storytelling.

Analyse what makes you value each one –  is there lots of negative space in their photos, or a tone in their writing that makes you connect emotionally? Look to identify consistent threads in imagery and text, and try and think of your audience and what they would engage with most – it’s a great idea to bring in other people for extra opinions on this.


Identify your business story

Your business has more than one origin story – you will have your own experience with it, as will everyone else involved in its growth.

Work to outline as many stories as you can – are they all from your tone of voice and perspective? Do you have customers or members that have their own stories to tell, impacted by you?  Do you have daily journeys or stories that could provide great content for your customers?

If you already know a part of your story resonates with other people, social media is the perfect opportunity to expand on it and help it reach new people – anecdotes are incredibly popular on platforms like LinkedIn, and especially when there’s a broader educational message behind it.

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Plan ahead

Content planning involves more than just generating ideas – having a comprehensive plan in advance lets you produce content that tells your business story the way you want across multiple platforms, with each post becoming part of the wider theme.

Giving yourself a wider timeframe also lets you collaborate with others, showcasing other people’s stories and getting their input and contributions – whether this is UGC, sponsored or a mutually beneficial partnership, it’s beneficial to have a longer timeframe and a brief to provide guidance.

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Be authentic

Whether it’s in your posts or in your comments, staying authentic is the key to conveying your business story.

Know your goals, and also know where you’ve come in your journey so far, and share the honest insights about your trials and successes – business isn’t easy, and people are eager to hear about challenges being overcome.


Engage with your follower’s emotions

Emotive imagery and language help humanise your brand – every blog post and social media post is created by a human at some point (unless AI has well and truly taken over), and businesses are run by people too.

Businesses that remain apolitical and avoid statements that take a ‘stance’ on anything controversial may be playing it safe, but they’re also risking long term sales in a world that is moving towards a majority millennial market, a demographic that identifies with (and spends more on) businesses that they feel they share values with.

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Call in an expert

As with all aspects of business, you can’t be expected to be an expert in every area – there are thousands of amazing content writers, creators, and consultants that can help you transform your business’s story and communications into something worthy of every click, like and share.

If you work in a community of businesses and specialists (such as a coworking space), reach out and ask for a referral or recommendation from people with great content you admire and trust.

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