What It Takes To Keep Victoria Beautiful

Keep Victoria Beautiful are committed to improving Victoria’s communities through empowering, recognising and celebrating the work of groups who invest in improving their local community.

KVB’s programs enhance community pride and drive collective action to protect and enhance the shared environment and shared wellbeing.

We asked KVB about their future, goals, and favourite parts about coworking in our Hub Southern Cross location.


What are Keep Victoria Beautiful’s goals for 2019?

For over 50 years, KVB has run well-known programs such as Stationeers, Adopt a Roadside, Sustainable Cities and Tidy Towns, and are now increasing efforts in the successfully piloted Urban Biodiversity program, which acts as the foundation for the Nature Tours program KVB are developing as part of Hub Australia’s Flexi Impact membership!

In 2019 we also want to focus on our outstanding network of “Beautifuls” (our volunteers), including supporting them beyond our annual awards, attracting a network of like-minded people to share valuable skills, and sharing and celebrating the impact of their projects with Victorians.

This is just the tip of the mountain! We’ve got a big year ahead and we’re looking forward to carrying on our mission.

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How do you want to change the world through your business?

2018 Sustainable Cities Awards – Harmony Day by Melton City Council

We want to help people reconnect and engage with their community and environment across Victoria. Supporting groups doing this really demonstrates the power of collective action in our lives – we’ve been privileged to see so many amazing projects driven by a spirit that lifts a community to new levels of lifestyle and sustainability.

We want to keep doing this, reaching as far as possible and reconnecting as many people as possible.


What are your favourite things about working in Hub Southern Cross?

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  • The coffee is consistently delicious and the café space is a perfect change in scenery during the day. I also appreciate that the coffee in the kitchen space is a social enterprise!
  • The atmosphere. The whole space is so lush and green! It helps me focus and stay relaxed when my mind is as tangled as the Devil’s Ivy above me.
  • Everyone is supportive and always smiling. The general culture at the Hub is driven – it’s clear that people work hard and it’s inspiring. Combine that with friendliness and the access to such a wide range of businesses, it’s an effective and enjoyable place to work from.
  • Access to facilities, programs and events offered by Hub. They all have their own benefits, and make life-work balance and organisation simple and achievable. That is so important when my time always seems to run out!
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What’s the best thing about being part of an impact-driven business?

There are countless for-profit business models that run and fail to return any benefit to the people or areas they affect.

Consumers are becoming aware of this and social enterprise models are even more important!

Working in a not for profit continuously puts me in a position where my work strives to reach our mission and values (which are already outstanding), but then maximises how our organisation can return even more. There’s a myriad of reasons why I believe this is important, so the freedom in my organisation to work this way is definitely my favourite part – it’s inspirational and exciting!

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What’s your favourite thing about coworking?

Networking is really powerful and being part of Hub instantly connects you to a large network of great people.

I have only ever worked in coworking spaces – it’s a great blend of being very social without being distracting.

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How can people best support Keep Victoria Beautiful and your initiatives?

We’re working hard towards improving our social media presence – follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter!

If you think your business could be great for a partnership with Keep Victoria Beautiful, get in touch!


Header image by World Mission Society Church of God – Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign

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