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Workspace luxury at Martin Place opens September

Hospitality experiences, lifestyle services and executive wellness are all delivered to world-class standard at Hub Australia’s flagship site - opening 1st September.

Designed by award-winning architects, Hassell, Hub Martin Place spans three floors within the heritage-listed building of 44 Martin Place. Delivering an office experience like no other, Hub Martin Place provides state-of-the-art amenities and services including executive wellness programs, lifestyle concierge, business lounge and aperitivo bar.

“At Hub Martin Place, we have set ourselves a lofty goal to create a new standard for workspace hospitality in Australia, which will retain and attract talent for our members and allow them to connect with like-minded professionals.” says Brad Krauskopf, Hub Chief Executive Officer.

Despite the grandeur, sustainability measures remain a core focus, with Hub Martin Place designed to achieve a number of ‘green’ targets, including a 5-Star NABERs Base Building Energy rating and 4-Star Green Star Design and As Built rating.

By partnering with well-known Australian lifestyle and culture brands who champion our vision for next-level customer experience, we’ve elevated our trade-mark hospitality services to bring the next evolution in workspaces to Sydney. 

With tours available now and the finishing touches underway, we’re thrilled to announce our landmark brand collaborations and paint a picture of the experience you can expect:

Hospitality experiences:

  • Fabbrica is the much-loved pasta and panini shop in Sydney CBD, operated by the Love Tilly Group known for Ragazzi Pasta Bar, Dear Saint Eloiose and Love, Tilly Devine, serving up a breakfast till late afternoon menu of their staple favourites at the aperitivo bar. Take-home food services for delicious and convenient dinners will also be available.
  • Partnering with some of the best craft spirit brands in Australia, Cocktail Porter will curate a drinks list that includes batched cocktails, wine, beer and spirits. Better yet, quarterly mixology member events and bookable whiskey tasting sessions will be available.

A bowl of pasta from Sydney CBD, Fabbrica

Executive wellness:

  • Australian owned and operated favourite, endota Spa, have worked with Hub’s customer experience team to co-design an ‘endota relaxation room’, complete with comfortable rest areas, mood lighting, essential oils, tea of the day and greenery. Their nearby spa will also be bookable through Hub’s concierge.
  • Best-in-class workouts can be completed at The Lockeroom Gym at Martin Place with ten foundation memberships available for the exclusive Gym.
  • A resident executive coach and networking events will be available to support members with new ideas and knowledge from like-minded professionals.

A woman laying face down on a massage table getting a body exfoliation at endota Spa


Lifestyle concierge:

  • Named by GQ as Australia’s best barbershop, Barberhood is giving members access to priority bookings and on-site events including fragrance and whiskey pairing. Their grooming stations will be in male bathrooms, while women will get the benefits of endota and have salon appointments booked through the concierge.
  • Members will get access to premium tickets for shows at Theatre Royal Sydney. Reservations can also be made for renowned nearby restaurants including Aalia, Kazan and L’Uva.
  • Sorry Thanks I Love You is our dedicated gifting partner that will curate a selection of corporate gifting options that can be delivered by concierge.
  • Dry cleaning and tailoring services, parking and car services can all be arranged through the concierge team.

Hub Australia is building on its history of hospitality and taking its personalised service to new levels. Every single detail has been considered as we’ve shaped our partnerships and approach at Hub Martin Place- from the sparkling water ready for guests at arrival through to Martin Place monogrammed ice cubes at the bar. We’re curating this customer experience because we know the future of work demands that professionals can benefit their work and personal lives while attending the office.” says our Chief Experience Officer at Hub, Rebekah Murphy.

A brief history of Martin Place

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s bustling central business district, Martin Place stands as a testament to the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and architectural marvels. This iconic pedestrian mall has been witness to significant events, historical milestones, and the evolution of Sydney as a thriving metropolis.

The origins of Martin Place date back to the early 19th century when Sydney was a burgeoning colony. Initially known as Moore Street, the area was a mere cart track linking Macquarie Street to Pitt Street. Its humble beginnings contrast starkly with the grandeur it would later attain.

In 1921, the street underwent a major transformation and was renamed Martin Place in honour of Sir James Martin, a prominent New South Wales Chief Justice and Premier. The expansion and beautification of the area followed, making it one of Sydney’s most prestigious precincts.

Over the years Martin Place has become renowned for its impressive architecture. Iconic buildings such as the General Post Office (GPO), now the Westin Sydney hotel, the Reserve Bank of Australia are just a few of the architectural gems that line this historic precinct. These buildings not only showcase remarkable design but also embody the changing architectural trends and styles of their respective eras.

Martin Place has played host to numerous historical events shaping the cultural fabric of Sydney. It was a focal point for celebrations during the end of World War II, attracting thousands of jubilant Australians to commemorate the victory. Throughout Martin Place, statues and memorials pay homage to significant figures and events in Australian history. The Cenotaph, a poignant war memorial, stands as a symbol of remembrance for those who sacrificed their lives in conflicts. Other statues, like the one honouring Queen Victoria, add to the cultural and historical significance of the precinct. 

Beyond its architectural allure, Martin Place serves as a cultural hub and vibrant gathering place for locals and tourists alike. It hosts various events, art installations, and performances, fostering a sense of community and belonging in the heart of the city.

Martin Place, Sydney, encapsulates the essence of a city that has grown from humble beginnings to a global metropolis. Its history is a reflection of Sydney’s resilience, progress, and diverse cultural heritage. From its early days as a simple cart track to the bustling pedestrian mall it is today, Martin Place continues to be an integral part of Sydney’s narrative, drawing people together and leaving an indelible mark on the city’s identity. 

To experience Hub Martin Place for yourself, book your exclusive tour here.

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