Love where you work

Beautiful spaces and curated business communities
We provide state-of-the-art inspirational spaces and premium amenities that let you focus on doing what you love while in a beautiful space. With great hospitality areas and cafés, wellness and social events, and open communal spaces, Hub Australia is more than your usual office space - join a diverse community of motivated businesses.

Accelerate Your Business

Hub is home to an ever-growing network of entrepreneurs and businesses, and we help them grow by running a variety of events — including networking, professional development and social events, to help you meet our wider business community. Over 70% of members have expanded their professional network since joining Hub, and 80% consider Hub a driver of their success.

Live something bigger

Grow your business
Hub has flexible desk and office options to suit your business as it grows, and beautiful premium spaces and facilities to help you attract and retain quality staff. All Hub locations have high-quality technology and facilities, in central locations, and we’re part of a national and global network, LEXC, allowing you to work worldwide.

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