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Fitness Studio

With state-of-the-art exercise equipment and space to stretch, make the most of your lunch break or pre-workday moments by visiting our fitness studio to get your blood pumping.
Create balance
Workout before, during, or after work
Access to Hub’s Fitness Studio included in your membership
Equipped with TECHNOGYM® equipment and other fitness items
Breathe easy knowing everything you need is on-site
fitness studio

Your Ideal Workday

Whether you want to stretch between meetings or sneak in a workout before the workday begins, Hub’s fitness studio allows you to incorporate fitness into your day in a way that suits you.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Each fitness studio comes complete with TECHNOGYM® equipment and other selected items to help you achieve a quality stretch or complete a more comprehensive workout.


With premium End-of-Trip facilities, you can work up a sweat and still be business-ready for your first meeting of the day.

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Read about one of Hub’s members, Ted Richards from Six Park, who used Hub’s in-house media studio to launch his own podcast.