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5 simple ways to look after the planet at work

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Hub Australia

22nd April 2022

5 min. read

In a world faced with ever-increasing climate disasters, excessive waste, and anxiety over the future of our planet, it can feel overwhelming to think about ways to incite positive change and do better for both the Earth and the people on it. 

While a lot of change ultimately has to come from a policy level, there are a number of things everyday people can do to preserve and protect the planet. 

As a Certified B Corp, we understand the role that companies play in fighting for climate action and influencing changes in climate policy. In recognition of the theme of Earth Day this year—encouraging us to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably)—we’ve put together a list of simple ways that companies and their people can look after the planet at work. 

1. Switch to environmentally-friendly suppliers

From pens and notebooks through to water bottles and laptop cases, most—if not all—supplies you use can be switched out to an environmentally-friendly alternative.

Brands like Notely, Made of Tomorrow, and eco pen club are all leading the way in offering sustainable, functional, and stylish office and desk stationery, all giving back to the environment and reducing landfill in some way.

Hub Wynyard office

Once you’ve finished your current batch of business cards consider using a digital business card instead, through Mobilo or haystack. Get into the habit of using ecobins in both the home and office to make sure your waste is going to the right place.

2. Work from a WELL certified, B Corp Certified, and carbon neutral certified space

Considering commercial buildings, including offices, are responsible for around 25% of overall electricity use and 10% of total carbon emissions in Australia, it’s no surprise that where you choose to work from has a significant effect on the planet. 

Globally recognised certifications like WELL, B Corp and carbon neutral by Climate Active exist to indicate the buildings and workspaces that are doing their bit for the planet, people, and communities. For many businesses, working from a space that values sustainability, health, and wellbeing has become imperative to their operations. 

Hub is a Certified B Corp as well as being carbon neutral certified by Climate Active. This means that all of our locations are 100% carbon neutral, and that we implement the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability across our impact-driven initiatives.

Hub Civic Quarter is WELL Rated

We are also the first coworking location in Australia to achieve a WELL Health-Safety Rating for six of our locations, with work currently underway for our remaining locations to achieve the rating. This rating helps us form strategies to keep our spaces clean, provide essential health services, and communicate our health and safety efforts.

3. Bank ethically

One of the most simple yet effective ways to incite positive change is to align where you put your money with your values. Make a conscious effort to work towards supporting banks, super funds, and even brokers that are ethically and sustainability-focused.

In recent years, there’s been an increase in banks that have achieved a B Corp status. Being a B Corp means they have reached the highest form of accountability and transparency when it comes to where your money is being invested. This gives you the peace of mind that you’re not unintentionally supporting the fossil fuel industry with your finances.

4. Promote staff volunteering

Given that over two thirds of job seekers are more likely to apply for jobs at environmentally and sustainability-driven organisations, its important to promote climate action across all parts of your business. 

Offering volunteer leave and even organising company-wide volunteer days not only has a positive impact on the environment, it’s also great for team building and collaboration. 

staff volunteering at work

Organisations like Greening Australia, Planet Ark, and Conservation Volunteers Australia all provide either corporate partnership programs or volunteer days that are perfect for both teams and individuals to take part in.

5. Reward ‘green’ actions at work

Make a conscious effort to reward and encourage staff that are doing their bit for the planet, whether they ride to work each day or always get their morning coffee in a reusable cup.

Try making it fun by giving out ‘green’ awards to your most impact-driven staff members, encouraging healthy competition at work in a way that also benefits the planet. 

Above all else, it’s important that you lead by example when it comes to caring for the environment as this will inspire your team to follow suit.

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