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The Future of Creative Recruitment

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Hub Australia

1st May 2019

We spoke to recruitment companies (and Hub members) Become and Digipool, each sharing their insights into how their industries have grown and changed, and what they see in the future.


Become is a specialist recruitment agency for the digital and creative industries. 

We have 7 offices around the globe – Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, London, Manchester and our recently launched Brisbane and Auckland offices.

We cover a wide variety of roles across the digital, creative, media and marketing industries. We pride ourselves on our open, honest and long lasting relationships with clients and candidates.

Working in partnership is key to the success of our business and we have built effective and approachable specialist teams who will deliver on your recruitment needs.

Our global reach gives us access to the top talent who are looking to move state or even country which means that you will get access to some of the best people on the market before your competitors.

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How has recruitment changed?

What I love about recruiting for this industry is that it is constantly evolving. I’ve worked for Become for 9 years and the types of roles I have recruited for during my tenure has dramatically changed. The biggest demand at the moment is in the digital sector.

We are working with a number of start-ups who are growing their teams in the UX/UI, Product and Development space. Creative recruitment in advertising and design agencies continues to be strong and we always see a demand for good salespeople.

We are predicting that the start-up scene in Australia will start to grow. They are attracting some of the best candidates on the market by offering flexible working, great incentives and the ability to work on a product or service that truly makes a difference. 

The landscape has changed and not as many candidates are purely driven by money. There are a number of factors weighing in on the decision making process including flexibility, training, team structure, growth opportunities and overall workplace culture.

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What 3 things do you think everyone should consider with digital & creative candidates?

  • The market continues to be strong and the cuts to migration have made the war on talent even more competitive. It’s important to move quickly if you find a good candidate who fits your needs. 
  • Remember that the interview process is a 2-way street. It’s equally important for you to gain interest from the candidate and sell the benefits of the role as it is for you to assess if they are right for you.
  • In the interview don’t be afraid to ask what the main drivers are for the candidate. Is it culture, money or something else? This will help you assess if the candidate is a good match for you.

If you want to get an up-to-date view of the market or have an open discussion with your recruiter, Become are here to advise and guide you through the process. Contact us or check out our podcast for more information. 


I started Digipool two over two years ago following 10 years of creative service management in creative agencies. 

I work with a handful of clients on their recruitment needs for both permanent and contract talent from everything from developers to designers, copywriters to client services. My aim is to work as collaboratively as possible with my clients to find the right talent for their business needs. 

How has recruitment changed?

Recruitment in the creative industry has changed a lot in the last year. The creative agency industry has seen a lot of redundancies brought on by smaller budgets from clients and with clients bringing more work in-house.

The shift I’m anticipating in the next 12-18 months is the continued focus on UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience), as well as a rise in agencies focused on innovation – approaching things differently and using more tech. I also think there is going to be an increase and interest in exploring the AR (augmented reality) realm. 

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What 3 things do you think everyone should consider with candidates?

  • Be open to juniors and recent grads. Briefs are often for mid and upwards. consider doing paid internships and giving somebody who needs a break to get one. We all were at that point in our career at some stage and the team usually enjoy having somebody to mentor.
  • Be open to candidates who might come with different work experience that might be off brief. They can bring a wealth of experience that will bring a different perspective.
  • The industry tends to be a bit ageist, always thinking that they need “young guns” and “up and coming”. We can’t discount creative people who have deep experience – they’re also consumers and part of the audience, and that experience is incredibly valuable.

To find out more about how Digipool can help your business connect with the right creative staff for your team, head to their website or contact our team today

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