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Shining the spotlight on Once Upon A Time Agency

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Hub Australia

11th June 2024

4 min. read

With the 71st Sydney Film Festival in full force, we’re surrounded by all things film and entertainment. Which makes it the best time to catch up with Hub member, Tim Anderson, Creative Director, AV Creative Advertising from Once Upon A Time Agency

From strategy to concept, key art to trailers and YouTube pre-roll videos to press junkets and premieres, Tim tells us about the agency’s full service offering, where Australia stands when it comes to the film industry – and why his team loves Hub Hyde Park


Some of the agency’s work for max

A specialist in entertainment

Formed in 2013, Once Upon A Time is a full-service marketing agency for specialist sectors, including music, entertainment, and hospitality. Its mission? To deliver stuff that people love. We love that.

“We have offices in London, Los Angeles, New York – and Sydney is our new outpost,” Tim tells us. 

Although the agency works across different sectors, 80% of their projects are entertainment. And not just any entertainment; Once Upon A Time works with the big players, with a client list that includes Warner Brothers, Discovery, Disney, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, Sky, Universal, and more. 

That means we’ve likely seen Tim and his team’s handy work while watching our favourite movies.


Look what the agency did – for Amazon Prime Video

Everything from promos to premieres

As the Creative Director leading AV Creative Advertising, Tim oversees the marketing work they do for these streaming clients. 

With his team of writers, producers, editors, creative directors, and motion graphic designers, Tim creates and produces everything from trailers and YouTube pre-roll videos to AV spots and radio and social promos. 

“So when you see a trailer for a Netflix or Amazon or Disney series – that’s the kind of stuff my team and I do,” he says. 

But the broader agency, especially its London team, also covers press junkets and premieres. “We do this mostly in London and across EMEA,” Tim explains, citing The Cannes Film Festival, Emily in Paris, and Mission Impossible as some of the examples. 

“I do the advertising and the marketing side, but the agency absolutely also does red carpet premieres and press events for shows.”


Once Upon A Time’s client list also includes Netflix

A little bit of glamour, a whole lot of hard work (aka fun)

So, what does being in the entertainment industry mean to Tim personally? 

“Well, it’s just a really sexy, fun industry,” he laughs. “Everyone loves entertainment. Everyone loves television. Everyone loves film. It’s hard to get bored by this. A little bit of glamour, of course. But it’s really a fun, interesting, and very global industry.” 

With the Sydney Film Festival in full force now, we just have to ask: How does Australia stand in the film industry? 

“Australia is incredibly well regarded in film,” he says. “People know that there are sound stages here in the Gold Coast and Sydney. People know that we shoot a lot of content here. Our production values are equal to Hollywood; actors, makeup artists, camera crew – it’s kind of second to none. 

“People love to come to Australia and make movies, with the weather, language, food and culture. We’ve got a lot of great acting talent, and a lot of great directors. So, around the world, people equate Australia and film very strongly.” 


Tim Anderson, Creative Director, AV Creative Advertising

The perfect workspace to grow

As Once Upon A Time is growing its team and market in Sydney, being in the right place matters. Which makes Hub Hyde Park the perfect workspace for their Sydney team to set up in. 

“The location is perfect for us,” Tim agrees. “It’s right on the cusp of the city. It’s the right neighbourhood for us. All the big studios like Netflix, Disney, Stan and Prime Video are within this area, so Hub Hyde Park is really centrally located for us.” 

Hub’s flexible workspaces and terms also make