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Private Office

For those in growing teams or working on group projects, Hub’s private offices provide a furnished enclosed space for teams of up to 100 people, letting you grow your business efficiently in your own secure space.
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Dedicated Desk

For smaller teams or single workers, our dedicated desks offer a space of your own within Hub’s large professional community. Surrounded by motivated teams and entrepreneurs, dedicated desks come equipped with lockable storage and 24/7 access.
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Flexible Member

Hub offers Casual (8 days per month) or Frequent (24/7 access) flexible plans. Each allows you to work at our hotdesk areas throughout the building, and access dedicated communal spaces and our member amenities and events.
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Connect Member

Connect members are able to tap into the diverse Hub community through social and professional events, and use Hub as often as they like by purchasing reduced rate $40 day passes to suit your work style and needs.

Hub Bespoke

Customisable spaces to suit your business needs.

Workplace solutions for businesses: we can establish all-inclusive options for corporates and satellite teams of up to 100. Customise the space for your business needs and make it your own.

Variable Costs
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Flexible Office Space

Short term project? Business growth plans?
Hub's office spaces come with everything you need to grow your business. You will get 24/7 access, customisable tech, mailing address, meeting room access. Also covered are printing facilities, desks and chairs, personalised signage, a staffed host area and more.

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