Coworking with Hub

At Hub, we provide the resources and learning opportunities to scale your business for long term success. As an Australian startup, we understand the unique needs of our members. We’re still growing. We want to help you do the same.

Hub has no minimum term and no exit fees. All your equipment, utilities, cleaning and refreshments are inclusive. Over the course of a year, Hub spaces are 30% cheaper than what you’d spend on equivalent leased space.


of Hub members learned about a new topic or skill


work more effectively than at their previous workplace


connected with a new job, project or opportunity


have expanded their professional network

Accelerate your business

Hub helps businesses grow. With the right home, you can focus on finding (and retaining) the best talent. Delivering consistently great work is the recipe for getting a foothold in any industry. Get your business up and running sooner for sustained, long term growth.

Love where you work

You dedicate too many hours each week to not enjoy your work space. We want you to feel at home, not only as a business, but as people. All Hub workspaces are designed by leading international design practice HASSELL.  Our facilities are geared towards holistic and flexible productivity. To paraphrase Alan Lakein: master your time, master your life.

Access a diverse network

We’re a network not only of spaces, but of people, resources and expertise from all kinds of industries. The collective skills and wisdom of the Hub community is at your fingertips. Find experts through our online member directory to elevate your projects to a new level.

Create work / life balance

All work and no play makes this a very dull cliche. However, our work spaces are anything but. Hub offices are equipped with kitchen, relaxation and recreational facilities. And they’re accessible 24/7. Work to your own schedule so you can get the most from life, both in and out of the office.

Live something bigger

Gain access to all our locations across Australia and abroad. In partnership with the ever expanding LExC network, Hub members can work almost anywhere, anytime.

Hub Australia is B Corp certified. This means we’re committed to more than business success. We’re committed to social and environmental responsibility – and we want to help you do the same.

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“Everything I need is here”

Due to rapid growth, we needed to expand our reach to Sydney to support our Digital Clients. Within a matter of hours, I was at the Hub and plugged in. it’s a thriving high energy co-working space with a vibrant culture, everything I need is here.

Michael Teasdale – General Manager

“It’s the people and the community that have been the most influential in my business”

In the time that I’ve called Hub home, I’ve seen my business grow exponentially – in terms of the quantity and the quality of the clients I am attracting, and in the work I am doing. The space and the facilities have been extremely useful to my business operations, however it’s the people and the community have been the most influential in my business and personal growth.

Sarah – Founder and Director

“It’s great to bring clients to an office that really embodies our commitment”

Hub gives us the best of both worlds: a managed office where we can really focus, and a community of likeminded entrepreneurs just outside the door. From the sleeping loft to the inspiring breakout spaces, it’s great to bring our clients to an office that really embodies our commitment to new ways of collaborative working.

Mark Elliot – Founder & Managing Director

Every year Hub conducts an Impact Survey to better quantify our impact to our members. To learn more about Hub’s impact, click below.