7 Ways a Small Business Community Can Help You Grow

“How can a small business community like Hub help my business grow?”

This is a common question that small business owners ask us before they join our community.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt over the years, it takes a community to grow a business.

We talked to our members to find ways small business community like Hub’s can help your small business grow.

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1. Comraderie

“Hub is beyond a workplace; it is a community place. It is what the future of work will be.”
– Pozible

“It’s a vibrant space complete with business people who share similar life values. As a small business owner, it provides me with a wonderful office space with top-notch facilities, but most importantly access to connecting with people on both a personal and professional level. Try it for a month. There’s such a limited risk. I was crazy to work from home for so long.”
– Rob Gordon, Outrun Software

Action Step: Pop in to your local coworking location for a complimentary trial day, say hi to a fellow coworker, and strike up a conversation (it doesn’t have to be just about business!).

2. Gain Knowledge & Experience

“It’s a great opportunity to be surrounded by knowledge and experience if you’re willing to take your business idea to the next level.”
– Paula Narvaez, Fruit of Yoga

Action step: Attend or present an upcoming “Lunch and Learn”, join a speed networking night and practise your pitch, or connect with other coworkers and ask questions.

3. Diversity

“The Social Diary girls love The Hub because it gives us a chance to mingle with people working in all different types of industries. Also, as a small business The Hub allows us to expand our social circles and meet a lot more people.”
– Georgia Dawes, Manager, Social Diary

Action Step: Brainstorm and write down a list of different industries that your business could support, leverage or learn from. Then go to your nearest business community, connect and add value!

4. Collaboration

“Hosted, friendly, warm, and genuine atmosphere of people connecting, sharing time, space and working experiences. A real sense of belonging to a community. Regular social and professional connections, development opportunities and collaboration fostering. A network of hubs to connect to in Australia and around the world.”
–  Digital Storytellers

“Working life here means you exist in a like-minded ecosystem of pioneers. This sets the scene with a spirit of innovation, collaboration and growth – success breeds success.”
– Michelle Wilding, Inbound Marketing Manager, Fresh Egg Digital

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Action Step: Think about what type of non-competing business you could partner with who share a similar target audience to yours, and approach them for a chat in the kitchen about how you could win business together.

5. Positive Energy

“(I like) the opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and the lively atmosphere.  If you thrive when surrounded by the buzz of activity, then Hub is the place to be.”
– Corch X, Shogun Cybersecurity

Action Step: Ask yourself “what’s one cool way that I could make someone else’s day better today?” and go and do it.  (Insider tip: our members love food, coffee, and puppies!)

6. Support

“The Hub is a great place to work. Hubbers go above and beyond to lend a hand, and there’s never a shortage of friendly faces to chat too or enjoy a beer with!”
– Harrison Uffindell, Tilt

Action Step: Ask your friendly coworking community lead to direct you to the best resource you need right now for your business.

7. Fun

Seriously, who wants to be at home feeling isolated and going batty from the lack of human connection?

If you’re growing a small team and you’re working from cafes, garages, or libraries it’s only so long before your team members drive each other crazy or want a break from each other to develop relationships with people outside your team space. This is natural and healthy.

Small business communities in coworking spaces provide a practical solution to both situations and many of our members – individuals and teams – attribute their success to being part of the larger community.

Action Step: If you’re a member, join us in Hub’s weekly networking lunch, attend a meditation session, or connect with other like-minded business owners at our Friday Wine Down social events.

We hope you’ve gained some new insights on how a small business community can help you and your business grow, and invite you to pop in to your nearest Hub location to experience the power of #HubCommunity in person!

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