Environmental Impact

Hub operates workplaces which have a huge positive environmental impact
Our Australian coworking spaces run on 100% renewable energy, and we are committed to paper, e-waste and coffee ground recycling.

Business Impact

Live something bigger
In order to track our Impact, Hub is a B-Corporation certified company (an assessment tool with a minimum of 80 positive impact touch points). This includes offering 1% of paid staff time to volunteering and donating 1% of our memberships to non-profits or B Corporations.
What's a B-Corporation?

Community Impact

Hub donates 1% of our memberships to support non-profit or B-Corporation certified entrepreneurs and organisations.
We also head up the annual national coworking conference (GCUCAU), for invaluable industry best-practice knowledge exchange, and offer our staff 1% of their paid time to volunteer with local organisations.
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