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Hub Australia Now 100% Carbon Neutral Certified

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Hub Australia

20th August 2020

5 min. read

After a rigorous certification process in 2020, Hub Australia officially became carbon neutral certified as both an organisation and product, through Government-led certifier Climate Active.

This ensures that every aspect of Hub has achieved certification – not only is Hub Australia a carbon neutral organisation, but every Hub member now benefits from operating in fully certified flexible workspaces.

Australia’s first carbon neutral certified coworking space

Hub Australia is the first Australian coworking provider to be certified carbon neutral in both operations and service.

This means that every Hub Australia location operates under the carbon neutral commitment, providing 100% carbon neutral certified workspaces to our 7000+ members.

What does carbon neutral certification mean?

Often, many businesses claim the title of ‘carbon neutral’ due to selecting energy providers that offer carbon credits or offsets. Full certification is a much more complex process, investigating supply chains, transport choices, resources, and products in every facet of a business.

Hub Australia worked with consultant Pangolin to pursue carbon neutral certification from Government-led initiative Climate Active, Australia’s most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certifier.

“We sought certification through Climate Active as they are Government-led and offer the most rigorous and credible certification process” – Brad Krauskopf, Hub Australia founder and CEO

Hub Australia chose to be certified not only at an organisational level (including all resources and products utilised by Hub Australia’s direct teams) but also as a product and service.

What impact does a carbon neutral business have on the environment?

Hub Australia has had environmental impact as a core value since inception, previously leading the way as one of Australia’s first certified B Corporations.

B Corporation Certification is a globally-recognised marker, with all businesses meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability.

To achieve carbon neutral certification, Hub has reviewed every aspect of the business, adopting new technologies and operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible.

Outside of this, Hub Australia purchases ‘carbon offset units’ from projects working to prevent, reduce, or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

What does certification mean for Hub Australia members?

Hub Australia’s members already find great benefit in Hub’s impact initiatives such as B Corp certification and our annual Flexi Impact Program.

The range of amenities, benefits, and sustainability initiatives is often leveraged by member businesses who use Hub Australia to help attract and retain the best staff.

Hub Australia’s carbon neutral certification can also assist any members aiming to achieve carbon neutral certification themselves, simplifying the process for them.

Hub Australia has offset almost every aspect of each member’s workspace on their behalf – a large step in achieving certification.

For those interested in learning more about carbon neutral certification for their own business, Pangolin Associates are offering free introductory educational sessions to Hub Australia members.

Members can request their free online session through Hub Australia’s exclusive member portal.