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How Coworking Helped 3 Australian Businesses Grow

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Hub Australia

24th June 2019

Coworking offers different benefits for every business that makes the switch – from saving money to retaining staff, and even providing flexibility to help their business grow.

Three Hub Australia members shared their coworking experience and how it’s helped their businesses.

Fox and Hare’s Coworking Experience

Fox & Hare are a new breed of financial adviser, using financial advice to help their clients achieve their life goals as well as saving for retirement.

In an industry with a reputation for strict rules and budgets, Jessica Brady and Glen Hare provide financial plans for people of all ages and walks of life.


Starting their business working from home, the pair made a decision to avoid becoming isolated and made the shift to one of Hub’s coworking spaces.

As a two-person business, Fox & Hare use Hub Australia to access a community of different people and interesting businesses, also allowing them to leverage insights and intel, as well as making great friends.

“The fact that we’re able to collaborate, when we would have never had access otherwise, is wonderful.“
Hub Parliament Station cafe workspace


Presentation is an essential part for many businesses, with Fox & Hare looking to find the perfect space that would make sure their client experience was amazing, and that clients would walk in and go ‘wow’.

“Our clients come to Hub and it speaks to our brand – it’s got beautiful spaces, everything is high- tech, everything just works – that’s an extension of how we want our business to be perceived.”

Jess Brady


Fox & Hare are continuing to grow, hiring their first employees and moving into a larger office.

“As someone who’s hiring, it’s an awesome thing to say that by working in this location, you’re going to get really great perks that I could never offer were we operating out of a home office.”

For employers operating in coworking spaces, the amenities provide value to employees – regardless of whether your business is 2 or 20 people, you are able to offer premium amenities like an onsite gym and café, towel service, and regular community and professional development events.

Solentive’s Coworking Experience

Solentive have spent 25 years creating solutions through custom software, helping their customers solve their problems and grow their own businesses.

With a long history in the tech industry, Solentive has needed to remain innovative to survive and thrive.

As an ever-evolving company, they needed a workspace that would adapt to them and leave them able to focus on their work rather than office maintenance.

Hub Collins Street serviced meeting spaces


Solentive had a traditional office for years and found it always involved increasing maintenance efforts and expenses. Making the move to Hub Australia’s coworking space has saved them money, energy, and time, as well as having other amazing benefits.


Coworking gives Solentive the opportunity to expand and grow.

Being in Hub also frees up Solentive’s time and energy, letting them focus on their business rather than office logistics.

“Moving into Hub has helped us to save on costs compared to a traditional office. There are so many things, like watering the plants, making sure there’s milk in the fridge, tea in the pantry. Here, all that is done for us”

Being an innovative business, Solentive want their staff to be inspired by the beautiful surrounds and great breakout spaces of their Hub coworking space.


Solentive’s team are always involved in Hub’s regular member events, whether for networking, health and wellness, or professional development.

“We have a big push on culture – in the past we would try and do everything ourselves. All the planning and organising for these events has been taken over by Hub’s team, which has an added bonus of our staff getting to mix with other members as well.”

Six Park’s Coworking Experience

Six Park is a growing investment business, helping individuals with low-cost professional investment advice.


“What we’re seeing is that a lot of robo-advisors have grown and evolved
quite quickly, and Six Park is aware we have to do the same and be ready to grow and adapt.”

Ted Richards, Six Park

Six Park have grown their team substantially, and were able to upgrade to a 12 person office in the same building rather than undertaking a dramatic relocation.


In 2017, Ted Richards joined the team at Six Park as their Director of Business Development. Ted has been releasing his regular finance podcast, The Richards Report, with the support of Six Park.

“The catalyst for me starting my own podcast was the fact that there’s a studio right here in Hub“

When Ted started working on his own podcast, he collaborated with a fellow Hub member who was an expert in podcasting, and was able to help him improve and learn.


As a business, Six Park initially focussed on a B2C model with many clients coming from within Hub’s growing community.

Six Park has held many internal events to educate their coworking community on their business and opportunities and has converted many members into passionate clients.

“What I tell people that I love about working at Hub is that there’s a motivated energy you can feed off. We’re part of something bigger here.”

If you’re ready to launch your own coworking experience with you and your team, contact Hub Australia today.

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