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Why Coworking Spaces are Perfect for a Creative Business

Member Stories

Hub Australia

9th April 2019

Rick Plumridge is the founder and owner of Ricochet Graphics and a long-term member of Hub Southern Cross.
Rick is known around the space for his creativity, great conversation, and effortless networking, as well as his ability to be a man of many talents

What’s your favourite thing about running your own creative business?

Flexibility – it means I’m always able to make my own decisions, quickly or slowly, going with my gut and trusting myself. It allows me to be my own person and helps me to identify strengths and weaknesses – it’s not always comfortable but I prefer to be accountable to myself.

If things aren’t going well, it’s my fault, my problem, so how do I get out of it? It allows me to be resilient.

It can be difficult to run a creative business if you have to be creative all the time.
I’m often ‘switching hats’ but I have people who can help with my creative work if my head’s not in the right space – having a few trusted support people is essential.
I believe my role with any client is to help them do their job. If I can help them go home by five and not have to worry about anything – they love that. That’s the way I believe I’ve managed to keep clients for long periods, some for more than 10 years.
In day-to-day work, I need variety. It’s my personality.

I can’t do the one thing all the time – that’s my creative nature, I suppose.

Ricochet Graphics is my business, and I do graphic design, photography, audio production, voiceovers and some video production.
I do a lot of photography for architectural landscaping for buildings – I take photographs of their creations, and they’ve gone on to win awards. I feel great that my shots grab the judges interest and I love being a part of that.

What’s the highlight of coworking to you?

Relationships – once again, it always comes back to people.
I always view the creative business I do with other members of Hub as an opportunity to build a stronger relationship.
I’ve added doing headshots to my repertoire – normally I do architectural and product photography and combine that with my graphic design, but Hub has allowed me to expand my range and start offering headshots and team group shots.
I’ve made some really good friendships and often keep in touch with people who may move on from Hub  – that’s a personal favourite of mine, the opportunity to create genuine friendships with people.
When I do some work for someone it makes the relationship stronger. I meet people doing headshots and then come to know them a little better because taking a headshot can be a very personal thing.

Would you describe yourself as a people-person?

I’m fairly introverted when left to my own devices, however, I’ve done a lot of performing and singing in the past so I can dial up and outgoing nature when I need to.
When you’ve been at Hub for a while, you become very comfortable with the place and if someone new comes in you know how it feels to be welcomed in.
I remember the two people I first met when I came to the Hub – I was a bit nervous until these two relaxed characters said g’day, and so I try to be that person for others when someone new turns up.

It’s lovely to do that for other people and they really appreciate it – sometimes people unfamiliar to coworking can be a bit nervous initially.

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