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How :Different are Disrupting the Property Industry

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12th April 2019

In a world where everyone is aiming to be a disruptor, what does it mean to take on a traditional industry like real estate?

We asked Hub member :Different to share what separates them from their competitors, and how they’re taking on the world of property management by simplifying the process for landlords and investors.

How did :Different begin?

Our story starts with family. While helping our retired parents get their finances in order, we found they’d been paying a property manager a month’s rent each year for the past 20 years.

In the meantime, their property manager had changed every few months, sometimes with no notice, and they weren’t getting real value for their money.

The more we investigated, the more we found that this was just the way things are. Neither owners nor tenants were happy. We searched high and low for a good alternative property management service until we realised it didn’t exist.

That’s why we created :Different.

The company’s founders, Mina & Ruwin, wanted to build an experience that we would be genuinely happy with as owners. We’re a property management service that gives you fairer prices but more importantly, better service. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

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How is :Different disrupting the market?

Real estate agents have been charging owners a percentage based model for years.

Logically, it doesn’t cost agencies any more in time or money if a property is rented for $250pw, $500pw or $750pw – so why is the extra money needed?

It’s the same job – funny enough a property at $750pw is often easier to look after then a $250pw property – it will generally be in a more desired location and kept in better condition, with less need for maintenance management for the tenants.

It doesn’t make sense that one owner pays 3 times more than the other because they have a more valuable property.

We are challenging the industry norm of the ‘percentage’ whilst guaranteeing consistent service through the use of technology – this enables our team to do their jobs even better.

Which target market has taken up :Different most?

Property investors with properties above the median rental price of $450pw are already seeing instant savings in their regular payments.
Another benefit is that those that haven’t previously enjoyed transparency and a good level of communication from their property managers are really seeing the change that :Different is offering to the market.

The fact is that although computers can usually do tasks and calculations better than humans do, humans are always going to be critical to produce a great relationship with tenants and homeowners. :Different combines the positives of both and creates a product that works seamlessly.

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How is :Different is the way of the future for your industry?

:Different offers a customer-centric business model, and is efficiency driven through great product design. This helps us continue to drive costs down and deliver a great experience for landlords and tenants.

Wherever you are in the world of real estate, there’s always one core focus:

“People need homes, but homes also need people”.

:Different is looking to assist every homeowner in managing their property, whether as an investor or owner-occupier.

We’re aiming to make it easy for you to enjoy your home, and provide services to look after existing rental homes while also helping investors build their wealth with peace of mind.