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Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips for Your Business

Business Tips

Hub Australia

18th March 2019

Hub Australia has a wealth of knowledge in its walls.

We asked some of our expert members for their top marketing tips, so you can grow your own business!

With members such as Gleam, Kommunal, You & Co, Digital Nectar, and many more, these marketing tips are a perfect framework for you to make sure you’re taking your marketing to the next level, or using the best assets in the industry to run your marketing.

Whether you run your marketing in-house or are looking to expand to an agency, it’s worth downloading our full list of top-tips here.

Julian Peterson’s top 3 tips

Sales & Marketing Director APAC – dianomi

dianomi is a marketing engine for financial services: their ads only appear on premium finance and business sites and only for quality business and financial services clients.
dianomi are in the FT1000 – The Financial Times list of fastest growing companies in Europe and also in the UK’s Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list of fastest growing tech companies.

1. Make use of free

People who are already looking for you or who have been recommended are the easiest to convert to customers, but only if you’ve got the basics right.

Before you pay a single dollar to advertise, make sure your website, social channels, LinkedIn and/or other sites are set up (including analytics!), looking professional, and working to convert.

It seems obvious but is so often it’s not the case – don’t waste marketing spend or potential customer’s time with a poor set up.

2. Don’t obsess about one channel

Just because you spend most of your spare time on Instagram doesn’t mean your potential clients do too.

One channel might be a good source of new customers but it’s likely not the only good source.

Test and measure different channels and analyse not just where customers came from, but the longer-term value of those channels and customers.

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3. Know your product and audience

Constantly research and understand who your customers are and why they buy from you.

Be rigorous in your research and understanding of the second part and then maybe you can work out how to get them to buy more or more often. Sometimes your gut feeling is right but misunderstandings about customers are common – without deeper research, these misunderstandings persist.

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Sally Boxall’s top 3 tips

Marketing Coordinator, Kommunal

Kommunal is not your everyday marketing and advertising agency. They’re a hybrid which seamlessly brings together strategy consulting, creative development and marketplace implementation.

1. Start and never stop

Think about it. You’re in business every day of the year, correct? Therefore your marketing has to be in business every day of the year. Once you stop, you risk becoming invisible.

Heavy hitters such as Nike, Apple, MYOB, Amazon, and Uber Eats are at the forefront of everyone’s minds, in everyone’s homes and in our hands. When product or service-quality can be replicated across brands, it’s up to their exposure to assert marketplace dominance.

Campaign after campaign, these brands preserve their status as marketplace juggernauts, reinventing themselves to maintain relevancy in their ever-fluctuating industry – consistency is key to lasting success.

2. Brand image vs identity

How you wish to be seen (identity) may not be a direct representation of how you are currently seen (image).

Your brand identity is your brand’s personality – by exploring the personality, you shift the conversation away from left-brained ‘features and benefits’-speak and into the emotional, right-brained world of perceptions and feelings.

Your brand identity is far more than the logo. It helps form clients’ perceptions about who you are, which then transfers onto your products or services. A strong brand identity differentiates you from competitors and influences purchasing decisions.

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3. Respect > Love

Traditionally, businesses believed success lay in people ‘loving’ their brand, products and services. Advertising can easily deliver ‘love’ – through clever ads and emotional ploys, brands can beguile their audience and manipulate feelings.

Love only goes so far – you can “aww” over an entity as much as you like, but you can’t act on it further than a conversion. Today, brands need to acquire respect. To be respected means you act with holistic integrity and have prominent values that others align with.

People are proud to stand beside you, to work with you and to support you. Brand respect drives action, more powerful than love. Respect equates to holistic Brand support, garnering long-term customer loyalty and admiration.

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