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How to Get the Best Data for Your Next Event

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Hub Australia

19th April 2019

Audience Republic are revolutionising event data.

Powering marketing campaigns for some of the biggest festivals and events across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the US, Audience Republic partners with organisers and artists to sell tickets, grow fan databases and deliver data-driven insights – all while working from the Hub Hyde Park coworking space alongside some of Australia’s best startups.

The #1 change in event organisation in recent years is the emergence of marketing capabilities and data for event promoters and organisers.

With profit margins for events diminishing, being able to accurately predict tickets sales is key to flow-on decisions like venue size and line-up.

If you’re still hoping to sell a large number of tickets the night before (like CEO and Founder Jared was in this situation) you’re unlikely to succeed long-term in event promotion.

Audience Republic’s Campaigns and Audience Manager products allow event promoters to run presale registration marketing campaigns, letting them understand potential audience size and book venues accordingly.

Another key feature of the platform is competition campaigns, with giveaways and gamification promoting social sharing to a bigger social following and database, allowing users to gain insights into their target customer/audience.

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What data do I need for my event?

Every event is different, so finding the right data set for your campaign is essential.

For many of Audience Republic’s campaigns, music event data is centred around location, direct communication channels, age, listening preferences and ticketing data.

The company can then deliver insights, direct marketing capabilities and single customer view of your target market, leveraging historic data as well as collecting new information so you can run your next event with confidence.

What’s the key to using your audience’s wider network?

Facebook continually changes the algorithm that decides what everyone is seeing in their feed. With more emphasis placed on content posted by your direct friends, it’s becoming harder to get in front of your target consumer.

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By using gamification and referral systems, Audience Republic platform is able to target audiences through digitised word-of-mouth marketing.

How does Audience Republic simplify data collection and insights?

The combination of integration with key data sourcing partners allows organisers to source their own data through targeted marketing activity and combine key data into Audience Republic’s Audience Manager product to deliver a single customer view, simplifying data sourcing and storage to generate meaningful insights.

 Why do organisers need to make sure they have the best data?

Many organisers can fall into a trap of spending time, energy, and precious budget and resources while delivering the wrong message to the wrong person at the wrong time.

With accurate data, marketing becomes a sophisticated process that allows teams to have as close to one-to-one conversations as is possible.

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Any business marketing without an accurate and evolving data set is effectively running a spray and pray campaign, and risking wasting more resources with no reward.

With Audience Republic expanding into events across music, sports, tourism and hospitality, their growth is evidence that having the right data for your event is the make-or-break of every success story.

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