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Cars on Demand's Top Tips for Exceptional Customer Service

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Hub Australia

12th December 2019

Hub Southern Cross member Cars on Demand helps executive travellers with their transport needs, delivering affordable executive-focussed transport through world-class online and mobile technology.
We talked to them about their business model as a premium service, how they ensure they provide exceptional customer service, and what brought them to coworking.

What do Cars on Demand offer that makes you different from other operators?

Cars on Demand is a local provider, operating across Australia with a focus on ground transport services for executive travelers, including Melbourne and Sydney airport transfers.

We’ve invested heavily in world-class technology to allow our customers to book, edit, and monitor ground transport from their phones, and it allows executive assistants and travel teams to concurrently view and help manage transport needs.

The result is instant access and real-time transparency for everyone involved.

Our system is custom built in Australia and integrates best-in-class third-party software to ensure maximum efficiency and value to customers across all stages of managing their transfers.

What advice would you give to businesses looking to provide exceptional service?

Focus wholeheartedly on service excellence. 

When your entire organisation begins to live and breathe it, you will think ahead of the curve and find you constantly look for ways to delight your customers.


Don’t forget to check-in, making sure you’re genuinely and actively listening to your customer’s wants and needs.

Be respectful of time and transparency

Respond quickly to emails and queries from existing and potential customers. 

Importantly, be accountable for actions and errors, and take immediate action to alleviate customer inconvenience. Customers respect transparency and can become even more committed to your brand.

We’ve found that one of the most opportune times to impress a customer is during dissatisfaction or complaint resolution – we’ve also used many automated processes to negate many issues reaching this stage.

What are your goals for 2020 and beyond?

Our goal is always the continuous pursuit of exceptional customer service and value delivery, both to our customer base and our network of professional drivers.

2019 was a big year, with the launch of our much-anticipated app
2020 is going to be particularly exciting – we’re in the testing phase of a new joint venture which will give a broad range of consumers exposure to our services and highlight the affordability of our services, as well as bringing new revenues to our driver network and the broader industry.

In addition, we’re planning to launch a SaaS solution which will enable individuals and small hire car operators to provide phone booking to their customers, creating an integrated network of elite drivers.

What brought you to a coworking space?

We wanted to move away from leasing and managing our own offices and focus undivided attention on improving and growing our business, and also wanted the option of growing organically within the same space.

We looked at a number of different providers and Hub Australia stood out early on for a number of reasons.

What have you enjoyed about being part of Hub Australia’s community?

Hub Australia has exceeded our expectations on every level. 

The technology and infrastructure are exceptional, and our onboarding and continuous operation have been easy and without friction. 

There are several key things that have made Hub Southern Cross a standout from everyone else in the coworking industry:

  • Investment in excellent staff, who are amazing ambassadors for Hub’s brand and who make members feel cared for and valued
  • Excellent technology to make running your business seamless (especially internet access, printing, meeting rooms, meeting room technology, and café services)
  • Outstanding premises which are beautifully designed and maintained
  • Excellent processes to facilitate smooth running of all aspects of our office 
  • Response speed to all tenant queries.  

The community events and services hosted by Hub Australia have led to a number of collaborations with other Hub members, and there’s excellent and uplifting energy around the office. 

Every visitor we have had over the past 3 years comments on how amazing Hub Southern Cross looks and feels.

To find out more about Cars on Demand and experience their exceptional customer service firsthand, contact them today!

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