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Why a Coworking Office is Perfect for a Growing Business

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Hub Australia

10th October 2019

Australia’s major cities are continuing to grow, with populations and living density creeping upwards over the last decade. As well as the way people live, we’re experiencing a transformation in the way businesses of all sizes scale and operate.

A cultural shift: perks without the cost

People are no longer tied to the idea of having a space to call their own at work, in the same way that younger Australians have embraced the growth and cost-saving abilities of share housing.

With share house benefits including allowing them to live in better locations for flexible periods of time and paying less on rent and bills – all the same perks offered by flexible workspaces.

Having your own coworking office inside a larger space offers potentially mammoth financial savings, and convenience for your team who reap the benefits of a centrally located office close to public transport.

Premium locations without high-density cramping

Hub Australia operates 7 clubhouses in iconic buildings and avoids the trap of many other coworking office spaces – cramping as many desks into a space as possible.

Hub ensures that a variety of spaces are offered, with every location divided between offices, dedicated desks, and flexible workspaces.

On top of this, there is a myriad of breakout spaces, exercise studios, fully-equipped kitchens, cafés, and meeting areas available for every member to use, helping them create their ideal work style.

A new demographic

It’s no longer just startups and freelancers taking advantage of this new style of working.

Across Australia, flexible workspaces such as Hub Australia are being sought out by larger teams and businesses, even global brands, looking to take advantage of the flexibility, financial savings, and superior retention of staff offered in a coworking office space.

Simplified office organisation

With the ability to consolidate all office management payments into one invoice, coworking office spaces simplify the time and organisation required to manage a team and office.

All amenities, utilities, and facilities are included with a Hub Australia membership, from keeping the plants alive to organising gas and electricity.

For a large or growing business that is potentially managing multiple offices and teams in different locations, Hub Australia offers simplified management and the much-appreciated flexibility to scale their teams and workspaces as they need.

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