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Do Creative Coworking Spaces Really Help?

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Hub Australia

7th July 2017

Creative coworking spaces are a popular alternative to traditional leases and office workspaces. Coworking is known for trendy designs and modern layouts, but the value of a shared workspace is less in its aesthetics and more in its output. Coworking spaces foster opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and boosting productivity in businesses of all sizes.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a shared, communal workspace for professionals, business ventures or startups to operate their service or work on projects. Typically membership-based, a coworking space can cater to different businesses with a range of working environments.
The idea of a coworking space was pioneered in 2005 by Brad Neuberg, a senior software engineer that described coworking as “the freedom and independence of working for myself along with the structure and community of working with others.”
As more businesses discover the advantages of shared workspaces, the shift away from rigid offices to flexible coworking environments is becoming more common. Here are a few reasons why.

Creative Coworking breeds collaboration

‘Coworking’ refers to a communal workspace in a shared setting. It replaces traditional silos with open workspaces and shared desks, exposing people to different ways of working.
A shared working environment provides businesses with a platform to initiate meaningful collaboration both internally and across businesses. Great ideas and projects are largely a collective effort, and the success of a business can be more likely in a space where people can organically exchange ideas. A coworking space puts employees in proximity with entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, likely to stimulate new ideas and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships. In a community of like-minded professionals, the option to share resources, knowledge and networks becomes a reality.
Coworking environments also provide access to mentorship and expertise outside of your regular network.

Connecting with others on a daily basis ensures your team remains motivated and innovative.
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Creative coworking

Setting up a workspace in a coworking environment can be a positive investment into the output of your team. There’s no faster way to stifle the creativity of an individual than a sterile and mundane working environment. Getting established in a creative coworking space facilitates the perfect environment for designers, artists and strategists to think outside of the box, find inspiration, and put thought into action.
Coworking spaces are invaluable for creative types – rather than limiting individuals to a single cubicle or desk, a coworking environment provides space to innovate. Find your own creative coworking solution with an open floor plan, adequate sunlight and flexible breakout spaces.
The creativity of your team is also encouraged in a coworking space with a strong sense of community and freedom of expression. Without the competitive strain and internal politics of a corporate environment, innovative coworking spaces have a strong sense of community that helps creative businesses flourish.

Get a boost of productivity

A bland and uniform workplace layout fails to cater to the different working styles and productivity requirements of your team. With a lack of variety, offices can enforce a one-size-fits-all, alienating the unique needs of your team.
In a shared coworking space, your team has the option to work in a range of spaces suited for hands-on projects, round-table discussions or private and unhindered work. With a variety of spatial needs considered, a flexible working environment ensures your team can be most productive in the right space.

Compared to a ‘working-from-home’ environment, coworking spaces can help remove the distractions likely to occur in a home office.

Whether it’s the removal of household devices, neighbourhood noise or a clear separation of home and work, a coworking space helps you work productively throughout the day.

Access affordable resources

Reliable connectivity, ergonomic desks, kitchen space, around-the-clock access and useful meeting rooms are just a few of the benefits coworking spaces provide, all at an affordable solution for your professional requirements.

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Located in close proximity to the CBD’s in Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, Hub Australia’s coworking spaces provide an economical solution for businesses of all sizes to enjoy world-class facilities without a hefty rental cost.
In particular, coworking spaces remove the need for hefty overhead costs and investments in an office facility for new business ventures or smaller sized teams. In an all-purpose space, the upkeep and maintenance of the space is one less concern for your business.
Explore the benefits of a coworking space near you with a tour in any of Hub Australia’s coworking locations.

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