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Why a Flexible Workspace is Perfect for Growing Businesses Like Mobi2go

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16th May 2019

A flexible workspace allows you to scale your business up or down as needed, and coworking spaces can help you find a solution while your team grows.

With offices, dedicated desks, and flexible workspace solutions and options, Hub Australia is the perfect home for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and Mobi2Go is a perfect example of a rapidly scaling business.

Mobi2Go has been a long-term member at Hub Southern Cross, and after receiving Series A funding they have started rapidly scaling, quickly outgrowing their first office and making the move to Hub Collins Street where they can fit more new team members.

We talked to Director of Customer Success Benjamin Jones about Mobi2Go’s future plans and their experience of coworking.

What is Mobi2Go?

Mobi2Go, a digital ordering system, exists to build your brand in the hearts and hands of your customers. We’re passionate about building a personal customer experience because digital ordering should be as easy as opening the fridge.  

We work with some of the biggest and best brands in Australia and New Zealand, being Fonda, Huxtaburger, Mad Mex, Sumo Salad and Burger Project just to name a few, with the aim of helping them really understand their customer’s expectations and journey.   

What’s created the demand for your service?

Aggregators like Uber Eats and Deliveroo have shifted the market into a place where people now expect to order their food online. This shift has had a huge impact on peoples buying patterns but left food retailers with no way of knowing who their customers are anymore.

If you don’t know your customer, how can you be expected to grow your business?

This is where we fit in.

We’re constantly hearing the same frustrations from our customers – high costs associated with the aggregators, low customer engagement and brand experience and poor visibility about their buyer’s behaviours.

Mobi2Go’s digital ordering solution is designed to give food retailers total ownership of their customers’ journey and buying habits. All our clients own their own customer data (not like with the aggregators), so we’re giving control back to the restaurants.

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How are you currently growing?

Our Series A funding just landed a few weeks ago, so we’re recruiting quite madly at the moment. The next 12-18 months for us is all about scaling up, so we are set to double and maybe even triple.

We’re quite well known within the New Zealand market, and we’re really building a brand here in Australia and starting to get brand recognition in North America as well.

We’ve had some of the world’s biggest chains come to us through word of mouth.

Is your goal for Mobi2Go to be a global business?

With customers in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Middle East and growing we consider ourselves a global brand.  

We’ve just launched our first multilingual storefront having gone live in English and French.  The ability to switch between languages is a huge development as we continue to expand globally.

How has your team’s growth worked with your office?

When we first setup our Melbourne office a flexible workspace was the obvious choice. We needed a space that could allow us to grow easily with the flexibility of adding more space as we needed.

We started with a 6-person office at Hub Southern Cross and have recently moved to Hub Collins Street in a 12-person office. With our funding and growth, we’ve outgrown this space in 2 months.

Hub’s flexible offerings has meant we’re on the move again to an even larger space on Georges Lane with our own meeting rooms.

All we had to do was message the Hub team and say “Hey listen, we need more space, this is how we’re growing”.

Our head office in Wellington has also seen dramatic growth over the last few months and will continue to grow over 400% by the end of the year. As a result, Wellington will be our first purpose-built office and we can’t wait to see our own culture expressed through its design.

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Does having a flexible workspace support Mobi2Go?

Definitely! Being part of a flexible workspace is not only about the office itself. It’s also about being around other businesses at a similar stage to yours and being able to share ideas, opportunities and overall support.

We’ve been involved in one of the Hub Talks panel discussions which was a huge success.

Whether you’re a panellist or just wanting the opportunity to hear from other businesses, these talks give start-ups and small businesses the opportunity for professional development.

We also love Thursday morning breakfasts and Friday afternoon drinks. These social opportunities are unique to flexible workplaces like Hub and a great way to really encourage a professional growth and connections.

What we really love about being in a coworking space is meeting like-minded people.

Whilst we know we’ll have to move into our own space at some point, in the meantime, a flexible workspace is exactly what we need.

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