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How to Upskill Yourself for Less

Business Tips

Hub Australia

8th August 2019

Improving your skills and expertise doesn’t always mean you need to sit in a massive and expensive conference, trying to fill your head with as much information as possible.

Taking a leaf out of the book of lifelong learning, you can keep your ears and eyes open to new opportunities to upskill – and it doesn’t need to cost lots of money.

Find out how you work

Everyone works in different ways and processes information individually.

Some people are great at conferences and audible learning whereas others find more value in written content, learning through discussions, or even learning by teaching.

Finding out more about the way you process information will help you use your time and money more efficiently as you learn and upskill.

Top resources to help you upskill:


If you’re looking for business events or groups, Eventbrite offers a constantly-updated library of local paid and free events for you to search through.

The website is one of the most popular for event organisers and hosts, and is a great way to find new opportunities outside of your usual network or bubble.


Meetup is another online portal where community and professional groups share invitations to events of all types, from social to corporate.

If you’re looking to upskill, learn something new or develop the skills you already have, Meetup can help you find events with interesting people who can also become a great community.

Online groups

If you work in a specialist industry or niche, look into online professional groups or Facebook groups to help you connect with others facing the same issues as you in their own professional lives and businesses. 

They have great cultures of collaboration and support, and having access to other people in the same industry can help you learn from other people’s experiences to help you upskill and grow your business.

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces like Hub Australia offer businesses of all sizes are growing community of people and entrepreneurs who are all looking to grow and thrive in a beautiful space. Line

Coworking providers like Hub Australia offer members access to beautifully designed spaces with dedicated teams working to help every member’s business grow and thrive.

With amenities such as podcast studios, in-house cafés, meeting rooms and more, coworking lets businesses as small as 1-2 people access a thriving community of other inspiring businesses who can network and learn from each other.

Online resources

Whether it’s a blog, podcast, e-book or online seminar – the Internet gives business owners access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise at their fingertips.

Depending on what you’re looking to growing your skills in, websites like Hubspot and SkillShare offer video tutorials and educational readings on everything from content to crochet.

They also allow you to learn at your own speed and revisit information as you need.

Some sites require a small subscription fee, but most of the time this is outweighed by the value you get from the content.