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How to Use Social Media for Your Business

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31st October 2019

In a world of influencer marketing and ever-changing algorithms, it can be a challenge for you to share your business story and content on social media, and even trickier to get people to see it.

Whether you’re launching a new business or have an established brand, it’s important to get your audience involved in the growth and development of your business, as well as sharing your story.

With engagement rates ever-growing you could find your business’s next source of customers on social media.

Find out where your customers are

There’s no point in pushing out your best content onto Twitter if all of your clients are active Instagram users.
Find which platforms suit you and your business, your messaging, and your calls to action – you may be keen for a Pinterest account if you’ve got a physical product to sell, or perhaps you know a LinkedIn page will help you connect with businesses to partner with.

If you want to create high user-engagement and shareable content, having an active Instagram and Facebook is essential.

Create a #inspo board

The best way to figure out your own social media personality, tone, and content is by looking at what is working for other brands and businesses.

Actively search out accounts that you as a consumer enjoy seeing, engaging with, and receiving the messaging of.

Identify what makes you value each account –  is there lots of trend-following features in their photos, or a tone in their writing that makes you connect emotionally? Note consistent threads in imagery and text, and try and think of what your audience would be likely to engage with.

Get a second opinion

As with all aspects of business, you can’t be expected to be an expert in every area – there are thousands of amazing social media business strategists, content writers, creators, and consultants that can help you plan the most effective content, and transform your business’s communications into something worthy of every click, like and share.

If you work in a community of businesses and specialists (such as a coworking space), reach out and ask for a referral or recommendation from people with great content you admire and trust.

Plan your social media

Content planning involves more than just generating ideas – having a comprehensive plan in advance lets you produce content to convey your brand and business story across multiple platforms.

With each social media channel requiring different dimensions, hashtags, and preparation, knowing what you need to produce in advance will help you invest your time wisely, and give you opportunities to collaborate with others.

Although there’s always scope for responsive content and projects, having some core content planned in advance will always be beneficial.

Be authentic and find your own tone

Whether it’s in your posts or in your comments, staying authentically you is the key to conveying your business story.

Know your tone, business voice, and key messaging and try to keep it in mind for all of your interactions. A personable brand with overly formal posts will feel jarring to the audience, and vice versa.

Be ever-evolving

Keep notes of examples of both great and not-so-great attempts on social media to learn from, and constantly revisit your plans, tone, and content.

Trends will come and go, and making sure you’re an engaged consumer as well as a distributor is the key to being a great creator over a long period of time.

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