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How to Create an Amazing Company Culture

Business Tips

Hub Australia

20th December 2020

5 min. read

Creating an internal company culture that is positive, productive, and welcoming is essential regardless of your business size – but once you’ve got it, how do you keep it and ensure it stays while you grow?

Put the right people in the right roles

Hiring the right people seems obvious, but knowing they’re right for your company culture is about more than their skill set and job history.

Many HR professionals find that meeting candidates in an informal setting such as a café allows them to reveal more of their personality, allowing you to gauge how well they’ll fit in your team or wider business.

Knowing they’re qualified and will be competent at their future role also means they won’t add excessive stress onto their team and can hit the ground running.

Know your company values

Most businesses have a mission and a vision – you should also have a knowledge of what your values are, and use these as a framework while hiring. 

As you grow and need to hire faster, it can be easy to focus less on quality controls and culture. Skills are, of course, essential, but sacrificing your company culture is a high-cost, low reward step that hurts productivity and retention.

Create the right processes

Whether it’s an induction or longer onboarding process, someone’s early days with the company are your best opportunity to convey your desired company culture.

You may want to have an introductory lunch to welcome the person to your team in an informal setting, schedule their training with various members of the business you know embody your positive company culture, or provide them with a ‘buddy’ – someone who’s been at the business longer and can show them the ins-and-outs of the business’s social components.

Communicate well

Having open channels of communication can become difficult as your business grows. Encourage your management team to create two-way communication channels within their own teams so employees can feel heard, ask questions, and seek clarification.

A company culture of fear benefits nobody, so fostering a collaborative environment for all of your staff (regardless of role or length of employment) allows for transparency and good communication.

Create the right environment

If your team is stuck in a dark, cold space, they’re unlikely to feel inspired to produce their best work. 

By moving into a space that provides great amenities, ease of transport, beautiful design and the ability to scale and grow, you give your team and your business the best odds of success. 

Shared office spaces such as Hub Australia provide flexibility for your business, with dedicated desks and office suites available to create solutions for your team as you grow.

By joining Hub Australia, you no longer need to worry about maintenance, utility bills, cleaning, plant care, and more.

Hub also allows you to offer your team amenities that can contribute to your company culture. With exercise spaces, relaxation areas, end-of-trip facilities and regular community events, every Hub member is able to be part of something bigger, regardless of their business size.

Help team members reach their goals

Nobody wants to feel stagnant in their role, regardless of their seniority. Keeping in contact with your team and identifying their goals and how to help them reach them helps you maintain motivation and work ethic, as well as achieve better workplace satisfaction.

Whether you can help with this through mentoring, role changes, or encouraging training and upskilling, investing in your team will help them invest in you.

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