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How to Get the Most Out of Your Productivity Software

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17th December 2019

Taking the step to invest in productivity software, whether it’s time or money, is a big moment in every business. Whether you’re jumping onto Trello or Monday, a team of one or 20, it’s important to figure out how to best use your productivity software for your situation.

1. Change the way you perceive your time

It’s easy to want to jump in and do everything yourself to control the outcomes of projects, but by reframing the ways you value your time and how you use it you can refocus and prioritise in new ways.

Think of not only things that are ‘time suckers’, but also things you enjoy doing, are skilled at, or repetitive tasks that may not have value for the invested time.

Time is finite, especially at work. Evaluate your recurring tasks and ensure they’re imported into your productivity software as-is – if something has lots of moving parts and occurs regularly, make sure you list every part of it to get a comprehensive overview of your workload in your software.

2. Onboard your team comprehensively

When you’re working with a team of people who all have different workloads and priorities, having everyone on the same page and using the same system and processes is key.

Make sure that everyone is comprehensively trained in how your new productivity software works, and more importantly, the specific way your business should be using it. Consistency will help you avoid miscommunication or missed tasks, and help things operate smoothly.

3. Evaluate and create new processes

What takes the most time for you to complete, and why?

Spend time trying to find where the ‘black holes’ in your productivity are and use your software to document processes for any workarounds you discover.

If there are automations that can help you avoid roadblocks, or delegation is possible for tasks, using your productivity software for allocation and accountability will help you communicate clearly and track progress.

4. Invest in the right productivity software.

The right productivity software will help you make money and save your time and energy.

Free software can only get you so far, and especially as a team it is a worthy investment in your processes. By all means, make the most of free trials and previews to ensure you make the right choice – but when it comes down to it a productivity software will help you achieve more, collaborate effectively, and grow your business.

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