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Why Offsite Meetings are the Key to Achieving More

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Lauren Smith Creative & Brand Manager

12th March 2020

5 min. read

Whether you’re working on a project, rebrand, or running a professional development workshop, investing in an offsite meeting can be the difference between failure and success for your team.

Offsite meanings have benefits beyond being perceived as an ‘adventure’ out of the daily experience of your office. They can help you focus, brainstorm, produce more, and activate new levels of motivation.

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1. Higher engagement

By removing people from their everyday environment, their engagement and motivation are often raised, helping them connect more fully with the task at hand.

Usual distractions and side-tasks are relegated for the day, leaving your offsite meeting attendees more alert and engaged with what’s in front of them.

2. Innovative thinking

The simple act of being in a new location also allows many to tap into new thought processes and generate a wider range of ideas.

This is a similar theme that leads to the popularity of coworking spaces with breakout areas, helping people find new environments to challenge their thinking styles and inspiration.

3. Build new relationships

In workspaces with set seating, it can become easy for relationship cliques to form, usually based around proximity or team groups.

By taking your team out of their usual space into an offsite meeting space, it’s easier to encourage them to form new relationships, using randomised seating or activity groups to foster their communication.

4. Communicate more effectively

If you have a large or spread-out team, you may already be used to connecting them via digital means – whether email, phone, or videoconferencing.

By investing in getting people in an offsite meeting in the same physical space, you can remove many miscommunication issues by being able to interact in person. Non-verbal cues, hand gestures, small noises, and facial expressions all add to someones communication style, and can often be missed over digital communications.

It’s also very easy to disengage when you don’t have the accountability and expectations of the people in front of you, but even the added impact of eye contact can change nuanced communication.

5. Organise offsite meetings more effectively

Hub Australia’s dedicated hospitality teams help you organise the perfect project day or workshop with ease, helping simplify all aspects of your booking.

Whether you need to add on catering and café packages or require connectivity and tech setup, having someone else manage the logistics means you can instead focus on the day’s content and outcomes.

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