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3 Things Fox and Hare Want You To Know About Your Finances

Fox and Hare help people get their financial world sorted. 

After a massive 2018, winning multiple awards, Fox and Hare are continuing to grow their business, welcoming new clients and helping a wide range of people understand their money and finances.

“There’s so much confusion and complexity around money and finances.

At Fox and Hare, we aim to make sure people have a clear game plan so they know how they’re going to achieve their financial goals.

Financial advisers seem to have been born of an insurance sales agent, but it’s become a profession that you can now study at university – we’re not the same as the financial advisers of older times, who were likely working for an agent or a bank selling insurance.

They’re more into retirement planning and superannuation, and even though we help with retirement planning we’re more interested in helping people reach their goals.

We spend a lot of time understanding what’s really important to someone because at the end of the day, what might be important to me could be quite different and if I don’t understand what drives you and what motivates you, you’re going to have a plan that’s not right for you and you’re not going to stick to it.

It’s about balancing achieving your short and medium-term goals and planning for long-term stuff as well.

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What does success look like for Fox and Hare?

Success for us is having a team humming along and working really well together.

We are just starting on that journey, which is awesome. It’s about making sure we have wonderful client experiences – I want to come to work every day and know our clients are really on track with where they’re heading in terms of their finances.

We’re getting a lot of client referrals, which speaks to the fact that our clients are really happy – I just want to build a business where I can live my perfect life and help clients with their perfect life too.

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What drew you to Hub Hyde Park?

Hub Hyde Park has an awesome café rooftop!

But in all seriousness, how Hub fosters community was really important to us. We wanted to be sure of what our client experience would be and were won over by the reception team, the café on site, the fact the meeting rooms are beautiful and wonderful.

We are so close to the city, but just far enough away to be not in too much hustle and bustle – coworking means you’re able to band together and access top quality.

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What three things do you wish every person knew about finances and money management?

  1. It’s not scary. The worst thing you can do is do nothing.
  2. Start small. Start now. You don’t need to wait until you’ve got a million dollars
  3. It’s your money. I am a financial adviser, but I advise people. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t take what anyone else says as gospel – you need to understand why what you’re doing is going to set you up for success.

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