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555 Collins St Exterior Podium

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4th September 2023

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Together with Charter Hall, we continue to champion the new era of workplace hospitality with our purpose-designed spaces and services at 555 Collins Exchange.

In a world where flexibility, collaboration and employee well-being have become cornerstones of successful businesses, the importance of innovative workspace solutions cannot be overstated. Recognising this shift, the collaboration between Charter Hall and Hub Australia delivers on an experience that caters for the next generation of professional workers.

Our new flex partnership with Charter Hall Group at 555 Collins Exchange enables us to deliver our renowned hospitality services and manage building amenities across three levels spanning a business centre, boardrooms, meeting rooms, and project space.



All workspaces are equipped with the latest technology and occupants can access an exclusive concierge service, large customisable function space and expansive wellness centre.

Further to our hospitality experience services, the tech-enabled, mixed-use destination boasts touchless access, skyline terraces, premium amenity and a focus on wellness and sustainability. 555 Collins Street is targeting a Platinum WELL Rating (Shell and Core), 6 star Green Star As-Built and Design rating, 6 star NABERS Waste rating, 5 star NABERS Energy rating, 4 star NABERS Water rating, and 5 star NABERS Indoor Environment rating.


555 Collins St Exterior Landscaping


With 70% of the building now pre-committed to major corporates including Amazon, Aware Super and Allianz Australia, the demand has been clear for bookable third spaces as part of the premium-grade building.


Hub Australia CEO Brad Krauskopf says:

“Our premium flexible workspaces and leading hospitality service makes Hub Australia the leading landlord partner of choice in the commercial office market, as major enterprise tenants demand flexible spaces more than ever. In this latest partnership with Charter Hall, we’ll be able to deliver best-in-class amenities to well-known corporates such as Amazon, Ericsson and Allianz, while also delivering to Hub members at this impressive new site.

Flexible workspace demand continues to gain momentum, so we’re confident this new site will accommodate the needs of businesses in one of Melbourne’s best new developments in the market. This partnership is a significant step forward into the future of work for Charter Hall and we look forward to supporting their flex space strategy into the future”.


555 Collins St Terrace


“555 Collins Street embodies a tenant-centric approach in its design and responds to the evolving way that Australians work and live, and our newly established partnership with Hub is a reflection of how we partner with best-in-class experts to deliver exceptional experiences for our tenant customers” says Charter Hall Office CEO, Carmel Hourigan.

A brief history of 555 Collins Street:

The building of 555 Collins Street traces its origins back to the late 19th century when Melbourne was experiencing a significant boom due to the Gold Rush. Initially constructed as a commercial building in the early 1880s, it played a vital role in accommodating the influx of businesses and industries that emerged during the prosperous era.

The building’s architecture showcases a blend of historical and modern design elements, with its Victorian-era facade standing in stark contrast to the contemporary additions and renovations that have been made over the years, illustrating the evolving architectural tastes and trends of the city.

Overtime, 555 Collins Street underwent numerous transformations to adapt to the changing needs of its occupants. Originally catering to businesses, the building evolved to include retail spaces, restaurants, and cafes, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the area. The adaptive reuse of the building’s spaces reflects Melbourne’s commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing innovation.


555.Collins St Building


Beyond its architectural significance, 555 Collins Street holds cultural importance for the people of Melbourne. It has witnessed historic events, hosted community gatherings, and been a part of various celebrations, making it a cherished symbol of the city’s collective memory. As Melbourne continues to prioritise sustainability and environmental consciousness, 555 Collins Street now embraces eco-friendly practices, incorporating energy-efficient technologies and green spaces into its design. This commitment to sustainability ensures that the building remains relevant and influential in the city’s future.

555 Collins Street, Melbourne, stands as an enduring symbol of the city’s past, present and future. From its humble beginnings during the Gold Rush to its status as a bustling commercial and cultural hub, the building has witnessed Melbourne’s evolution firsthand. Its ability to adapt to changing times, preserve its heritage, and embrace innovation make it an exemplar of the city’s spirit. We’re proud to partner with Charter Hall in this next chapter of the building’s history and lasting legacy.

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