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The benefits of working from Hub

Hybrid Work
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Hub Australia Creative & Brand Manager

23rd May 2022

5 min. read

Expectations around what employers can offer in terms of a workspace have evolved as employees transition from remote work-from-home to a post-pandemic future of flexible work. Because of this, many employers are struggling to attract and retain top talent in their industries. 

Employers are now actively searching for office spaces that make healthier, happier, and more productive employees. They’re also looking for spaces that address the evolving needs of their employees and provide perks.

Our business and social impact survey — powered by Rate It — is an annual survey that we conduct with all of our members, consisting of questions about their experiences at Hub. The feedback we collect helps us continue to improve our customer experience and ensure we are providing valuable spaces to our member community, making healthier, happier, and more productive employees.

With 98% of our members saying that working from Hub positively impacts their workday, working from our space comes with a range of benefits for you and your team. Using some of the key findings from our most recent survey, here are a few.

Central locations close to public transport

All of our locations nation-wide are conveniently located, close to public transport and parking options, as well as retail, dining, and entertainment. All of the buildings our spaces are located in are also easily accessible via bike, with end-of-trip facilities and bike storage available in most.  

Over two thirds of our members stated that our office location influenced their decision in choosing to work from Hub, and 88% of our members say the location of the office they work from adds value on a day-to-day basis. These stats relate to a number of things, including commute time, proximity to retail, dining, and services, and ease of meeting clients and guests in the space.

Premium buildings and amenities

Our premium hospitality-led services and amenities are what set us apart from the rest. This includes our in-house barista-run cafés, media studios, parents spaces, serviced meeting spaces, and access to networking and social events

The spaces we offer are purpose-built and well-designed, ideal for collaboration, creativity, and productivity. With high quality furnishing, ample natural light and greenery, and environmentally-friendly materials, our workspaces are fully customisable and suit all work styles and team sizes. 

With 71% of our members stating that our physical space and amenities influenced their decision in working from Hub and 76% of our members communicating that our amenities add value to their experience at Hub, it’s clear that offering in-demand amenities encourages employees to come back into the office.

A beautiful circular green couch with people sitting around it working.

Social interaction and client attraction 

With a brimming schedule of networking events, fortnightly Breakfast Club and Wine Down, and an endless amount of opportunity to connect with the wider community, our workspaces are ideal for fostering relationships at work. 

Over half of our members use the space for social interaction with their teammates, enjoying lunch in our purpose-designed cafés, kitchens, and outdoor terraces, and working from a desk, office, or flexible area that promotes creativity and collaboration. 


Working from Hub helps 73% of our members attract new clients, with our impressive meeting spaces, convenient locations, and opportunities to raise awareness of your brand and business to fellow Hub members.

Impact-driven initiatives

Sustainability is at the forefront of the mind of many workers, especially as Gen Z enters the workforce and makes deliberate, informed decisions about where they work, and whether their employer is considering their social and environmental impact as part of their operations.

Hub is proud to be a Certified B Corp, carbon neutral certified by Climate Active, and has achieved the WELL Health-Safety Rating on six of our locations so far. We are also certified as a Great Place to Work®, recently coming in at 17 on the list of Australia’s best workplaces. 

A third of our members state that our certifications and status as a carbon neutral organisation were a key reason for them selecting Hub as their coworking provider. In addition to this, 71% of our members feel personally aligned with our carbon neutral certification and 60% feel personally aligned with our Great Place to Work® certification.

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