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How Legally Yours Grew Their Impact With Hub


Hub Australia

1st December 2020

5 min. read

Legally Yours was one of our 2020 Flexi Impact members, taking the opportunity to join our community and grow their purpose-driven business.

With a tight-knit community of lawyers and a focus on purpose and progressive values, the organisation was a perfect fit for our 2020 intake.

We spoke to Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, about her experience in Hub Collins Street and as part of the Flexi Impact program:

How did you hear about the Flexi Impact Program?

I first heard about the Flexi Impact Program from a previous recipient (Rugare Gomo).  He told me that the Flexi Impact program had provided his business with so many benefits, including community, a space to scale and grow, and support.

As a creator of an extraordinary community of progressive lawyers, this sounded exactly like the type of support Legally Yours and myself needed to take our business to the next level.

What were your favourite parts of being part of Hub’s community?

Absolutely the community and the support. I felt so welcome and cared for. Having worked predominantly on my own and remotely for the last 4 years, being able to find friendly faces where I went in Hub was so wonderful.

There was always someone to assist or support if I needed help, and I really felt like Hub’s team were interested in my business and wanted to see it thrive, even when Covid hit and weren’t able to physically be in the coworking space.

What was your best achievement in 2020?

The opportunity to collaborate and partner on virtual events, in particular with the Hub Community.  It was so lovely to be able to give back to Hub by way of free virtual information events to its members, and I’m looking forward to continuing this in 2021.  

Do you have any words of wisdom for others working in purpose-driven businesses?

Be brave, stay true to your purpose, and always act in line with your vision and values – do this, and your tribe will always find you.

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