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Making an Impact with The Wateryard

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Hub Australia

22nd May 2018

As a Certified B-Corporation, Hub Australia donates 1% of Hub Australia memberships to non-profit and social impact organisations such as The Wateryard.
Jan Stewart, Hub’s National Impact Lead, spoke to Dominic Monckton, founder of The Wateryard, about his organisation and his time in Hub William Street.

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What is the background of The Wateryard?

The Wateryard was established in 2017. Our aim is to utilise Australia’s world-leading wine industry as an instrument to fund a number of impactful social projects in remote Australian communities.

The Wateryard are supporting and working with the goal of ending trachoma in these communities by 2020.

Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection that can often lead to blindness if left untreated – Australia is the only developed nation in the world in which blinding trachoma still persists.
Money raised through The Wateryard is invested directly in community-driven solutions, which are much needed to reach our goal of the sustained elimination of Trachoma.

What programs are currently being run?

The Wateryard has two program categories –
Infrastructure projects, which aim to improve the built environment and/or environmental health.
We work to provide washing facilities for the local youth hall, mirrors to homes, and power-free washing machines to homes.
Personal/family habit projects aim to improve hygiene practices and encourage behavioural change in communities. Example projects are soap-making workshops, and Chamois for Kids. These projects meet acute needs, and where possible, we endeavour to ensure long-term impact.
The bulk of the projects are based in the NT, as it contains an alarming number of hyperendemic communities.

  • Pilot programs for the Chamois are under way in two communities.
  • A number of washing machines have been distributed among four communities.
  • Mirrors have been/are in the process of being delivered to remote SA (the Apy Lands), as well as regions of remote WA (Kimberly, Midwest, Pilbara & Goldfields region).

The projects, run by EndTrachoma, work in collaboration with the Australian Government and Trachoma experts. They work closely with remote communities to reduce infectious episodes and encourage self-determination.

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Why do you like working out of Hub Australia?

Hub Australia welcomes you with a smile, literally. The second you walk out of the elevator doors, you are welcomed warmly and you feel great.
It goes beyond the welcome though – what becomes apparent is that staff and members collectively buy into a sense of belonging and participate in the Hub community, and the physical space encourages interaction amongst members in a kind and supportive manner.
The people and space have created a sense of identity for myself and The Wateryard that has provided a grounding during the chaotic time of a start-up social enterprise.

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Why is Hub Australia a good partner for The Wateryard?

Hub Australia breathes its B Corp certification. The entire organisation is founded on people and business coming together in a common space to not only thrive individually but also as a group.
There are organised training sessions which help me improve how The Wateryard operates, and you never know who you are going to run into and how they might help you – or how you might help them!

Hub Australia supports growing businesses and not-for-profits as part of their thriving coworking community. To find out more about our great impact initiatives, visit our impact page.

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