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3 Social Enterprises Share How Their Impact Has Grown

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Hub Australia

2nd December 2020

5 min. read

In 2020, Hub Australia supported 38 social enterprises and purpose-driven businesses around Australia, providing them with workspaces and a coworking community to reach new networks and grow their business and impact.

As our applications for our 2021 Flexi Impact Program near a close, we spoke to some of this year’s participants to find out more about their experience with the program.

Adam Smith, The Everyone Project

What have been your favourite parts of being part of Hub’s community?

There have been lots of good things being based out of Hub Adelaide. It’s easy, convenient and everything works most of the time.

For me, it also strikes a great balance between productive and personal. The space is friendly and connecting with other community members has led to collaborations, as my business has needed additional skills and support.

What is your favourite achievement in 2020?


The Everyone Project’s product is a tool for measuring and reporting on diversity. We launched the first version of our tool for the Australian film and television industry in late 2019 and had just commenced rolling out across the sector when production ground to a halt.

We’ve made the most of the hiatus and it’s picking up again now but it certainly wasn’t Plan A. At the same time the events of 2020, both the pandemic and the global Black Lives Matter movement, emphasised the importance of diversity and inclusion and the urgency of taking action.

Nina Gbor, Eco Styles

What first made you interested in the Flexi Impact Program?

I first heard about the Flexi Impact Program through a friend. The program’s commitment to empowering purpose-driven ventures and not-for-profits was a major attraction for me.

As a mission-driven business, it’s a rare and unique opportunity to find organisations that understand and empathise with the needs of purpose-driven businesses – and it was such a thrill to find a coworking space that shared the same values.

What have you enjoyed most about joining Hub’s community?

Probably my favourite thing about being a Hub member are the employees/staff. They’re very kind, authentic and extraordinary. They have real connections with members through which they foster support and mentoring in a way that makes us feel like a valued part of the Hub community.

The services here are exquisite. I’m also a major fan of the state-of-the-art media room that’s great for recording podcasts and videos. The café and relaxation rooms are also great spaces with the right type of ambience.

What was your favourite achievement in 2020?

My favourite thing this year has been making a pivot in my work by expanding my remit in sustainable fashion to include international development issues.

This was a move that has made my work far more holistic in terms of global issues around sustainability like climate change, equality, global economics and the quest for better systems. It’s hopefully an addition that will help my platform reach further horizons and impact positive change on a grander scale.  

Do you have any advice for others working in purpose-driven businesses?

Stick-to-itiveness is so crucial in a purpose-driven business. Remember to give yourself a thousand breaks because it’s okay to make mistakes and fail. It’s all part of the process when you’re making it up as you go along. 

Adam Quirk, CardiClub

How did you hear about the Flexi Impact Program?

I heard about it via a Sydney start up forum where one of the members was also member of Hub Australia. I was interested straight away as I was aware of the value working in a quality office makes on those hard days getting started. A dynamic atmosphere (and good coffee) make a big difference to keeping momentum going!

What have you achieved in 2020?

Cardiclub is on path to deliver smarter cardiac rehabilitation.

This year we have gone from a concept, through industry expert consultation, planning and design, initial pitching, trials recruitment and are looking to launch beta early next year.

Solid progress (and a working demo) is my favourite achievement of 2020.

Do you have any words of wisdom those in purpose-driven businesses?

Try to get clarity on your north star, your real goal.

There will be a lot of distracting opportunities (jobs, features, partnerships, pivots) along the way, if it doesn’t move you closer to that north star, politely decline and move on.

Better still, offer the opportunity to someone else in your network and pay it forward!